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Lander Lite Standing Desk

When iMovR first presented the Lander Desk in April, 2019 it halted the presses, overturning the long-standing presumption that a stature flexible ergonomic work area will never be anything over only an "imbecilic" household item with electric engines (on the off chance that you'll exonerate our quip). As we wrote in our audit at the time, the Lander's introduction spoke to an unrest in sit-stand smartdesk structure, not only an another little advancement.

We are not the only one as we would like to think that the Lander is the best standing work area made today. A few different productions like USAToday's and ThinkComputers positioned the Lander the best work area they've at any point tried.
american made stand up desk

Among a not insignificant rundown of firsts, the Lander was the first, is as yet the main standing work area that shows up manufacturing plant pre-gathered, meeting up in not more than minutes subsequent to unpacking, without any instruments required. All other standing work areas (except for this new Lander Lite) can even now be genuinely depicted as "IKEA ventures" conversely.

A made-in-USA work area with phenomenal dependability, quality, and innovative ability, for example, its Bluetooth-empowered stature control paddle with cell phone application, propelled hostile to impact location, and obviously iMovR's mark Surf(x) 3D-overlaid surfaces—the Lander surprised the market and re-imagined the top notch standing work area classification medium-term.

Not long after its presentation iMovR additionally discharged a ultra-premium variant of the Lander with 36 diverse stain and species combos of normal strong wood, this time rethinking "the most delightful standing work area you can purchase." (See our introduction on Comparing the Best Desk Tops for Standing Desks.)

Furthermore, a couple of months after that iMovR presented the most mechanically modern L-formed standing work area we've at any point seen—in several size and shading combos. While clearly more intricate than a 2-legged work area, the Lander L-work area can collected by only one individual in around 8 minutes—utilizing just a screwdriver. That is a surprising structure accomplishment contrasted with the common hour+, 2-man establishment process for an ordinary electric L-work area.

And all that is incredible on the off chance that you have the coin and you're searching for the absolute best of the best in a standing work area, yet shouldn't something be said about the individuals who aren't in a situation to spread out upwards of a thousand dollars yet still long for the innovative and tasteful modernity, simplicity of get together and American-made nature of the Lander Desk?

On the off chance that the first Lander was the Tesla Model S, the new Lander Lite is the everyman's Tesla Model 3. It's still too cool, front line innovation however at a substantially more moderate value indicate that makes it open an a lot more extensive group of spectators.

In this audit we'll first bring a profound jump into the contrasts between the first Lander and the new Lite model, and perceive how the highlights, quality and by and large worth think about between the two.

Same Lander Desk DNA, Just 'Lighter'

As the name suggests, the Lander Lite offers all its mechanical roots with the first model, just to a lesser size. Everything about the Lite is undoubtedly lighter, including its lift limit, work area thickness, focal point of gravity (lighter feet) and, obviously, sticker price. How about we separate it:

The Underframe

The Lander Lite's best in class, accuracy designed, Linak lifting sections are mechanically fabricated in a similar Kentucky industrial facility as those on the Lander, however are fueled to lift just 225 lbs rather than 360 lbs. That is still a lot of sturdiness for by far most of clients, who don't have more than the standard supplement of work station gear or a thick common hickory work area to raise.

single stage versus double stage standing work area bases

Lander Lite is accessible with either a solitary stage or double stage base, and you can even include a 6" leg augmentation to accomplish a top stature of an incredible 56"

While the Lander just arrives in a "double stage" (3-fragment leg) design, the Lite likewise arrives in a more spending plan amicable "single-organize" (2-portion leg) form—for those clients who are of mediocre stature and not worried about the outrageous base end and top end tallness scopes of the work area. While the double stage legs will give you a scope of 24"- 50", the single-arrange legs will abbreviate that range to 27.35"- 47.5" (top included), however cost $75 less.

The uplifting news for the vertically-tested among us is that both the Lander and the Lander Lite can be raised up an extra 6" with iMovR's leg expansion unit, especially accommodating for those clients who may include an office treadmill later on. Appending these expansions to the double stage Lander Lite will enrich it with a bewildering 30"- 56" tallness change run.

With most double engine standing work areas there is a controller box that sits under the work area, to which the engines and client handset are associated. For cost investment funds the Lander Lite has the controller coordinated into the "ace" leg, driving its very own engine simultaneously as one in the "slave" leg. There's no genuine drawback to this except if you're anticipating changing over your work area to a 3-legged L-work area sooner or later. One of the one of a kind highlights of the first Lander work area is that it's the main standing work area available that can be field moved up to a 3-legged L-molded work area, yet with the coordinated controller structure this won't be a future alternative on the Lander Lite.

Generally the lifting sections utilized in the Lander Lite are similarly as stunningly quick (1.6 inches-per-second) and similarly as amazingly calm as the heavier-obligation unique. While the casing sections and crossbar are the equivalent on the two work areas the legs are situated in a "T-leg" arrangement on the Lander Lite, while the first work area is designed with a cantilevered "C-leg." This bodes well given the by and large "softness" of the Lander Lite. As we examine in detail in our introduction on What Makes Some Standing Desks Shakier than Others?, the more weight you're going to lift, the more you're going to need a C-leg arrangement to limit side-stacking on your lifting segments since most clients circulate the greater part of their gear weight on the back portion of their work areas (PCs, screens, printers, and so forth.)

The last contrast in the development of the underframe is the more fundamental feet on the Lander Lite, which gauge one-fourth to such an extent and aren't as pleasantly planned (as we would like to think) as the remarkably muscular ones on the first Lander. Once more, for most client's work area arrangements this won't be a truly observable contrast however the heavier your work area, the more extensive and more profound it will be, and the more stuff you intend to put over it, the more you're going to need to spring the extra $250 for the more strong, substantial (and therefore and progressively steady) unique Lander Desk.

The last distinction in the bases is that the Lander is accessible in dark, silver and white, while the Lander Lite, in any event right now, is just being offered in dark and silver with the exception of enormous extraordinary requests. Since white is by a wide margin the least prominent base shading in the US this is nothing to mourn over. Between the base choices, work area hues and work area size choices the Lander Lite still arrives in a stunning 1,248 extraordinary blends that you can customize to fit most any possible office space. For mass requests iMovR offers a close unending number of custom hues for both the bases and the tops, in the event that you need to have every one of your workers' work areas coordinate the official organization hues. They can even mechanically scratch your organization's logo into the work areas before cover.

Like all iMovR Desks, the first Lander and the new Lander Lite are totally adaptable with a huge swath of size and shading decisions, at that point created on-request ("Dell style") and delivered out inside multi week of request. The consequently formed, 3D overlaid surfaces give the work area the appearance of characteristic hardwood and are hermetically-fixed—even right through the grommet gaps—guaranteeing it will look extraordinary and perform incredible for a long time to come. Feel free to spill your espresso into the grommet opening—not at all like practically every other work area you can purchase this won't decimate the wood center of the top. The Lander Lite comes in a similar 16 standard 3D-overlay hues as iMovR's other work area and table items. (Important that we've left one of iMovR's 3D overlaid tops outside our lab in Seattle's winter downpour and summer sun for a long time, regardless it hasn't given any indications of water harm, twisting or staining!)

characteristic wood standing work area audits

iMovR additionally offers 36 species/recolor blends of dazzling regular wood work areas, similar to this "rural cherry with light stain."

As of late, iMovR included the alternative of strong wood tops with 36 shocking species and stain mixes to their Lander Desk advertising. It doesn't get any better in the standing work area field than these new common wood tops, exactness hand-made in Michigan from provincially developed practical timberlands in a seven-advance procedure utilizing earth mindful, fair materials.

We're eager to see that the "lighter" genuine wood choices on the Lander Lite are fundamentally more reasonable than the full-thickness tops offered with the first, again making this top notch alternative progressively moderate for much more individuals. Since such a large amount of the expense of these strong wood chunks comes down to the crude wood stock itself and the work serious therefore edge molding process, the way iMovR had the option to diminish the expense of these tops for the Lander Lite offering is by utilizing a 0.75"- thick stock as opposed to the 1.25" thickness of the tops offered with the Lander, and cutting just a 1/4" sweep edge shape versus 3/4". There are generally no distinctions underway strategy between the Lander's and Lander Lite's common wood tops. These are completely the best, most wonderful work areas we've seen at this point from any standing work area producer.

The noteworthy contrasts between iMovR's interesting work area contributions and the ware HPL (high-pressure overlays) utilized by pretty much every other work area creator is something we've expounded a ton on, and definitely justified even despite an output for the segregating purchaser. For a more profound jump on how work areas for standing work areas are made make certain to look at our introductions on The Ultimate Guide to Desk Top Materials for Standing Desks and Comparing All Real Wood Standing Desk Options.

As far as work area sizes the two forms of the Lander accompany 30"- profound work areas (iMovR offers their Energize Compact for those looking for a 24"- profound arrangement). Be that as it may, as far as work area width, where the Lander has choices from 41" as far as possible up to 83" in 6-inch increases, the Lander Lite isn't accessible in the two biggest sizes of 77" and 83", so 30"x71" is the greatest measurement offered in the Lite work area.

Since iMovR's licensed, worked in SteadyType Ergonomic Keyboard Tray requires the thicker Select top this choice is just accessible on the first Lander.

The Height Control Paddle

imovr standing work area with dpg bluetooth controllerThe whole Lander line uses Linak "DPG style" handsets, which are unique in relation to the old-school button-style handsets you'll generally discover on standing work areas. These handsets have an iPhone-esque usability… simply tap the oar up or down to get the work area to move toward that path. It'll consequently stop at the following pre-modified tallness inclination.

Most anything you can do through the recessed fastens on the oar you can likewise do through the downloadable cell phone application, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, so despite the fact that the handset on the Lite is somewhat littler and has less equipment highlights than the one on the first Lander, the vast majority of them are as yet accessible to you on the off chance that you utilize your cell phone to program and control your work area.

On the first Lander there are four programmable tallness top picks, while on the Lander Lite there are just two storable in memory. Which is as yet ideal for putting away your "sit" and "stand" stature presets. For work areas that will be shared between different clients this is as yet a non-issue since every client would record their tallness top choices in their very own telephone application. At whatever point they step up to a Lander or Lander Lite work area and synchronize to it over Bluetooth the work area will naturally re-secure their customized settings from the profile on their telephone.

There's as yet a worked in wellbeing mentor, which will remind you to remain at interims that you set to your own inclinations. Pop-up message to your cell phone works a similar route on the two work areas, however the first Lander additionally has an extremely decent multi-hued, high goals show, and will unpretentiously streak your mentor's shading coded stand up updates on the oar (the more you disregard your own update settings, the "angrier" the hues get). On the Lander Lite's DPG controller this marker is a straightforward red diode that flashes when it's an ideal opportunity to change positions. There are no readouts for work area tallness or mentor flag on the Lite's stature paddle.

Not certain that it is so significant to have a worked in wellbeing mentor? The information is in, and it might amaze you. Peruse this ongoing investigation where clients with a DPG-prepared standing work area expanded their standing time by 117%.

Industrial facility Pre-Assembly

The Lander is as yet the main work area that you can assemble in a short time with positively no devices. Furthermore, the Lander Lite is the equivalent with one exemption. Since pre-amassing the feet to the legs requires an a lot bigger box and along these lines increasingly installed transporting costs the Lander Lite leaves this one get together advance for the client to perform, for the sake of cost decrease. Utilizing the provided Allen wrench it will take you just a couple of additional minutes to connect the feet to the legs, embeddings an aggregate of eight little screws. That is the main piece of the gathering that requires an apparatus.

See the Lander's get together video to perceive what the remainder of the means resemble, which come down to embeddings the two legs into their accepting sections on the underside of the work area, appending the verifying braces, and interfacing the link braids to every leg. The stature change paddle is industrial facility introduced yet you can generally move it to the opposite side of your work area in the event that you like—there are now pre-penetrated gaps there, as there are for iMovR's discretionary Trackless Ergonomic Keyboard Tray.

Like all iMovR work areas, both the Lander and Lander Lite are specially made in an exceptionally computerized procedure, transporting out of Grand Rapids, Michigan in multi week from request. Mass requests of at least 50 work areas may take longer.

Some portion of the top notch work area experience is the unprecedented nature of bundling that iMovR uses to diminish the opportunity of harm in travel. There's nothing more baffling than trusting that your work area will show up just to discover it was busted enroute and afterward sitting tight for a substitution. Thus iMovR delivers the vast majority of their work areas by cargo, not distribute, limit this basic issue when purchasing standing work areas on the web.

ANSI/BIFMA Certified

Government and huge endeavor clients frequently require ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 Certification on any ergonomic work areas that they purchase, which is the thing that keeps the "Fabulous Rapids Mafia" (Steelcase, Herman Miller, et al) in a lock on 40% of office furniture sold. iMovR is one of just two standing work area makers that sell on the web, instead of experiencing contract furniture vendors, that offer BIFMA-guaranteed items, presently that the Lander and Lander Lite work areas have both earned their accreditations.

The extravagant term "contract furniture" just implies that the item has been tried at an autonomous lab to the business' standard for toughness, unwavering quality, soundness and security. As such, enormous undertaking purchasers can be guaranteed that their BIFMA ensured furniture is worked to last, not self-destruct rapidly like numerous work area items that are sold on the web. Get familiar with this subject in our introduction on What is ANSI/BIFMA and How Does it Relate to Standing Desks?

To perceive what goes into a run of the mill ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 accreditation test investigate the free research facility's report on the Lander Lite work area.

The most effective method to Choose Between the Original Lander and the new Lander Lite

In the event that you have the cash and you simply need the absolute best doubtlessly the Lander is the ruler of the dynamic office workstations. It has more power, weight and strength for bigger burdens and bigger estimated work areas, including L-formed work areas. The first Lander is as yet the go-to show for treadmill work areas where the upgraded soundness, bigger work area sizes (for sit-stand-walk next to each other workstations) and the choice of implicit SteadyType® make it an easy decision. Costs start $250 higher than the Lander Lite.

Then again, in the event that you need the hot innovation, outstanding made-in-USA quality and dependability, simplicity of establishment and multi year guarantee however are on a more tightly spending plan the Lander Lite will do you fine and dandy in by far most of cases. iMovR anticipates that it should be unquestionably more well known than its leader unique Lander work area, much the same as Elon Musk called it with the Model 3's getting endlessly more mainstream than the historic, yet expensive Model S. Costs start at $799 for the littlest Lander Lite work area.

Both the Lander and Lander Lite are currently ANSI/BIFMA affirmed to the X5.5-2014 standard. The Lander Lite is additionally consistent with ANSI/BIFMA G1 Ergonomic Recommendations, which as we clarify in our ANSI/BIFMA Primer is never again extremely pertinent and destined to be supplanted.

How the Lander Lite Compares to iMovR's Freedom Line

The Lander Lite fits perfectly in the middle of iMovR's financial limit arranged Freedom work areas—the Energize and Cascade—and the first Lander work area. Likewise made-in-America and including a 10-year guarantee, the Freedom work areas are just as dependable and adaptable as the Landers, however they pack barely any ornaments. Get together of a Freedom work area is DIY like some other standing work area, despite the fact that the huge parts are pre-gathered so they take around 1/third as much time to introduce when contrasted with a Jarvis or UpLift work area, for instance.

See our point by point audits of the Energize and Cascade to find out additional, yet note that the main contrast between these two models is that the Cascade incorporates an inherent SteadyType console plate. Costs for the Energize start at $638 and for the Cascade at $993.

While the Energize and Cascade work areas are obviously situated by iMovR as the most affordable American-made standing work areas they are additionally the most flexible as far as accessible work area shapes and sizes, with more than 7,000 custom blends. Stimulate work areas can be requested in minimal designs with 24"- profound tops, and in 30" you can have your decisions of Select (thick 1.125") or Slim (slight 0.75") best in 3D-cover. For corner natives the two models arrive in a variety of inventive shapes, see our surveys of the Energize Corner and Cascade Corner Standing Desk. In the event that you need strong wood tops or genuine L-molded work areas, however, you'd need to direct over to the Lander line.

As noted over the Lander and Lander Lite are ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 guaranteed, two of just three standing work area models accessible through internet business that are. The Freedom work areas at present are not autonomously BIFMA ensured, however they are worked to the equivalent X5.5 standard.

How the Lander Lite Compares to other non-iMovR Standing Desks

To truly dive into this inquiry we allude you to our total gather together of Electric Standing Desk Reviews. There's plainly a bunching of spending plan touchy standing work areas in the $400-$700, inside which iMovR's Energize work area is the main item that isn't made in China. What's more, obviously there's a group of overrated standing work areas from the agreement furniture mammoths like Steelcase and Herman Miller that are a piece days of old in innovation.

With regards to premium standing work areas that you can really purchase online there are just a couple, and you'll see them recorded in our gather together of Top American-Made Standing Desk Reviews. The Humanscale Float Table and UpDesk Commercial Grade work areas are in this level however just not extremely prominent any longer.

This mid-level domain between Asian-made item work areas and agreement furniture has truly been the section of the market that has been commanded by iMovR for as far back as scarcely any years. Genuinely, it's difficult to look at sub-$700 standing work areas made in China to any of the iMovR models without considering the contrasts between American-made and Asian-import standing work areas. Furthermore, when contract furniture can just for the most part be obtained by enormous organizations purchasing in the hundreds or thousands of units it's likewise hard to contrast these with the significantly more moderate and mechanically propelled units that you can just purchase online nowadays.

Regarding the matter of corporate purchasers, something that makes it difficult to contrast the Lander and Lander Lite with different work areas is that each other brand requires noteworthy establishment exertion, typically contracted out at huge cost and frequently deferring the date by which representatives can really begin working at their new standup work areas. With iMovR's plan of action that is normally two-three weeks from request, including custom citing, generation, conveyance and establishment, when contrasted with a commonplace 16-multi week cycle with contract furniture.

Main concern

standing work area with bluetooth and cell phone application Lander LiteThe new Lander Lite fills a vast gap in the market today. It offers premium, American-made quality and cutting edge innovation at a value just somewhat higher than the Chinese-sourced, ware quality standing work area you'll most generally find on the web.

Consequently we accept the Lander Lite to turn out to be significantly more mainstream than the first Lander work area. For home office purchasers it offers a wide cluster of size and shading choices, and simplicity of-establishment at a reasonable cost. Also, with ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 affirmation the buyer can have confidence that the item is worked to contract furniture industry guidelines for execution, toughness and unwavering quality.

Yet, we likewise anticipate that it should be a profoundly well known alternative with big business clients that would some way or another go to an agreement furniture vendor for work areas of this quality and toughness. They remain to set aside time and cash by wiping out the requirement for proficient establishment and by having the option to purchase at processing plant direct costs rather than through sellers, who include little worth when there's no establishment required. While the Lander has been well known with high-stylistic theme office spaces like law offices and monetary administrations firms, the Lander Lite vows to all the more likely fit the spending limit of standard office furniture purchasers.

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