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Best Race Car Track Toys for Kids

Race vehicle track toys for kids have been and will be one of the most enlivened blessing thoughts. Indeed, even with present day contraptions, basically playing with model autos on a committed track can accompany sentiments of energy. For most children, the decisions fluctuate. From American GT vehicles to modern or animation propelled autos and tracks, the alternatives can suit every single individual inclination. There is no denying that the accompanying best race vehicle track toys for kids have their very own character with a lot of enjoyable to be had.

Top 30 Best Race Car Track Toys for Kids 2019

1.Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

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Why we like it: Based on cell phone network, the Overdrive Started Kit is one of the most present day choices close by.

The Anki Overdrive Starter Kit is one of the advanced alternatives for a race vehicle track toy. As children definitely know, it accompanies cell phone controlled vehicles for a definitive hustling experience. Reasonable for kids into contraptions, the race track additionally works with high adaptability. The track itself has 8 epic war zones which use corners of various edges and straight segments of various lengths to offer a definitive playing experience. Loopback, The Point, Quadra, Capsule, Overpass, Microloop, Hook, and The Wedge are the alternatives to consider. In certain regards, they are roused by the absolute most mainstream circuits on the planet.

Obviously, these track components can really be extended in time, to offer additional dashing difficulties. With new supercars and new bended, straight or riser pieces, the alternatives for a custom track are for all intents and purposes unending. The individuals who wish to offer the pack as a blessing likewise need to realize dashing depends on WiFi cell phone availability.


In view of cell phone network

Can be utilized as a base for a bigger track

Incorporates 2 mechanical supercars

Accompanies 1 tire more clean

Incorporates 2 riser pieces


The authority application needs steady updates

2.Ontel Magic Tracks The Amazing Racetrack

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Why we like it: With an adaptable race track, Ontel's structure is flawless to improve recess innovativeness.

A great many people think race tracks are fixed. Be that as it may, the Magic Tracks' plan is in fact extraordinary. Children can form it and curve it to their ideal shape, corners and statures. Embellishment the race track can accompany additional hustling inspiration. To make it stand apart much more, the producer additionally included shine in obscurity highlights to the track.

Assembling the track isn't entangled and children can do it with no assistance. All pieces are intended to snap together. At the point when recess is finished, the whole track can move up because of its adaptable nature. With two included vehicles, the pack can offer long stretches of flexible dashing that children can adore.


In light of an adaptable track structure

All track pieces snap together

Made to shine in obscurity

Incorporates quick vehicles


Vehicles don't sparkle in obscurity

3.Anki Overdrive: Fast and Furious Edition

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Why we like it: Inspired by the ground-breaking Fast and Furious autos, the unit can be an enlivened blessing thought.

Very few race vehicle tracks toys accompany film motivation. In any case, Anki has discharged this uncommon version dependent on the well known Fast and Furious arrangement. Aside from the marking, the track stays like what can be seen today in the Anki lineup.

With 2 Fast and Furious autos, the pack offers long stretches of good times for young men and young ladies. These autos are furnished with amazing 50Mhz CPU engines and included optical sensors. There are three straight race track pieces which are delivered too. The pack incorporates 6 bended pieces just as different pieces, for example, the power zone. In view of the equivalent well known cell phone mix, hustling can really be founded on various gadgets. The race vehicle track is tried on all Kindle Fire versions, all iPhone discharges, and most Android-worked gadgets.


Accompanies ground-breaking vehicles

Boats with different track pieces

Perfect with track expansion pieces

Takes a shot at Kindle Fire, Android and MacOS gadgets


The track should be cleaned routinely

4.Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Ultimate Florida Speedway Track Set

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Why we like it: With a length of 5 feet and a suspended structure, the race vehicle track is an absolute necessity have for Pixar Cars 3 fans.

Since the race vehicle track is roused via Cars 3, it accompanies explicit components which aficionados of the arrangement perceive right away. It is viewed as the biggest raised track structure available and it offers a novel playing experience thus. It even incorporates a mechanized sponsor to keep the included Lightning McQueen hustling at top rates.

The greatest track in Cars' history is an absolute necessity have for children who love eccentric autos from TV. In view of intuitive wristband controls, children can race to the end goal to see who's the vehicle is the quickest. Fortunately the race vehicle track is likewise good with different Cars race vehicle tracks. Any semblance of the Spiral Garage and the Florida Speedway can be associated for included dashing fun.


In light of Pixar's Cars 3

Incorporates 1:55 scale Lighting McQueen

Made with a mechanized supporter

Can be associated with different Cars tracks


Not as steady as ground-floor tracks

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5.Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

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Why we like it: This intricate race vehicle track is as exceptional as Hot Wheels fans can seek after with an included accident zone.

Hot Wheels stays one of the most significant names in the race vehicle track world. The Criss Cross Crash Track satisfies its name. Vehicles can really meet and crash around the focal point of the track, which just adds to its staggering feel. With troublesome crossing points and fastener turns, children can play on the edge of their seats trusting that the correct minute will keep away from an auto collision.

There are other one of a kind track qualities children can appreciate. For instance, the vehicle feeder configuration is special as it gets ready autos for their definitive race. The converging track configuration will likewise provoke kids from close to misses to full crashes. With a raised profile, the race vehicle track is undeniably set up on a table or even on the floor.


Made with a one of a kind structure

Incorporates unique vehicle feeder

In light of a converging track plan

Incorporates one Hot Wheels race track vehicle


Boisterous engine execution

6.Max Traxxx R/C Award Winning Tracer Racers

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Why we like it: The dashing track is one of the plans which shine in obscurity for an increasingly sensational enhanced visualization.

In light of 45 feet of dashing track, the Max Traxxx is the noteworthy decision children can depend on when they need to get genuine about hustling. With two included remote control vehicles, they can provoke their companions or guardians to a fast race to decide a definitive driver.

As the race vehicle track is very long, it is prescribed to put it on the floor. It is here that the children can capitalize on its sparkling plan. Be that as it may, it likewise includes other cool enhanced visualizations, for example, undercarriage lights which add new dramatism to each race. Above all, the real race can profit by factor vehicle speeds which means children can have their very own systems going into each corner and straight line.


Sparkles in obscurity

Highlights undercarriage lights

Incorporates two remote control race vehicles

Race vehicles have movable rates


Huge for little rooms

7.Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset

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Why we like it: This mind blowing track is prescribed for kids who need to appreciate the most dreamlike dashing experience.

With such an insane structure, the race vehicle track toy is ideal for included dashing fervor. Aside from taking vehicles high and low or through tight turns, the track additionally includes an accident zone where anything can occur. From basic close to misses to genuine accidents, this zone adds significantly greater energy to play time.

With two launchers, children can begin hustling at the most noteworthy rates. The maker likewise remembered a hustling vehicle for the unit. However, guardians would require at any rate another vehicle for rivalry purposes. Fortunately, comparably to most Hot Wheels tracks, the set can be associated with other dashing tracks. The individuals who may effectively claim a Hot Wheels track can consolidate the plans to twofold dashing fun and the quantity of conceivable accident crossing points.


Accompanies a challenging plan

Incorporates one Hot Wheels hustling vehicle

Associates with comparable Hot Wheels tracks

Incorporates two vehicle launchers


Difficult to move while introducing

8.AGM Slot vehicle Set with Racing Assistant

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Why we like it: With a cutting edge approach, the race track is ideal for included sight and sound impacts.

Controlled from cell phones or cell phones which can run applications, for example, tablets, the savvy track is suggested for kids who appreciate a full dashing encounter. This experience depends on the way that the track accompanies included live hustling critique. Unique hustling impacts can be heard also.

In any case, with a complete structure, the vehicle race track can without much of a stretch keep kids occupied for a considerable length of time. It is the reason it comes as one of the most amazing tracks for length. 8-meters in length, the track really offers enough space to get up to speed with the other racer or to take care of the vehicle behind considerably further from the end goal. With complex dashing alternatives which take vehicles through breathtaking circles or through amazing bridges, children can control their Mercedes SLS AMGs through iOS and Android gadgets.


Accompanies a length of 8 meters

Made to be controlled through cell phones

Boats with Mercedes AMG vehicles

Produced using ABS plastic and metal


Could utilize additional boundaries for the curves

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9.Matchbox Mission 4-Level Garage Playset

Why we like it: With a 4-level structure, the track is prescribed for the individuals who need to leave their hustling vehicles.

Matchbox is a main name in vehicle toy creation. Its 4-level carport can be an incredible expansion to a hustling track. Leaving autos after an exceptional race can be unwinding and fun. Fortunately the carport additionally accompanies a lot of different attractions to keep drivers involved before the following race.

Including a vehicle wash, a service station, and a working lift, the carport is furnished with everything quick autos required. With a winding structure, it is additionally amusing to take the vehicles on one of its levels searching for the ideal parking space. The maker likewise realizes that some hustling vehicles break during or after the race. It is the reason it offers a tow truck to bring the vehicles into the carport. Furthermore, guardians can likewise buy Matchbox vehicles to populate the carport.


Made with a winding plan

Fitted with a vehicle wash and a corner store

Incorporates a tow truck

Suggested for a very long time 3 and up


Introducing bearings need improvement

10.Carrera GO!!! GT Contest – Slot Car Race Track Set

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Why we like it: This across the board pack is an enticing decision for those looking for two-vehicle dashing fun.

In view of a basic plan, the race vehicle track is good with Carrera autos. It as of now remembers two hustling vehicles for the unit. It implies that it very well may be one of the noteworthy choices for the individuals who would prefer not to burn through whenever searching for vehicles to add to a fundamental track. Simultaneously, the pack incorporates two controllers to cause the autos to accelerate.

The track itself is made to support high speeds. Its crossing point implies that the two vehicles can meet at a specific time during the race. The way to effective play for new racers is to really begin controlling the vehicle at lower speeds first. At the point when children have enough trust in their vehicle control abilities, they can begin adding speed through the controllers to begin dashing execution. With an included Ferrari vehicle and a Chevrolet visiting vehicle, children can exploit the track by building up new strategies for completing first or in any event, disposing of the rival's vehicle at the crossing point.


Boats with Ferrari and Corvette dashing vehicles

Speedy track establishment

Suggested space track for learners

Remembers fences and fitting for control supplies


Just fits Carrera hustling autos

11.Hot Wheels Versus Track Set

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Why we like it: Made for next to each other or no holds barred dashing, this one of a kind track is made to offer the best time with vehicle crashes.

Since not all race vehicle tracks are made legitimately for crashes, it very well may be one of the one of a kind and fun plans to consider. Children can benefit as much as possible from its plan and even perceive its characteristics by functioning as a group with next to each other accidents. Simultaneously, the track can be situated so children can clash with their autos colliding with one another.

One of the manners by which Hot Wheels advances the set is by really promising moderate movement fender bender recordings. For this reason, kids need a cell phone which accompanies moderate movement recording situated in the correct edge. The outcomes can be very awesome, particularly if the autos crash no holds barred. Since the maker has a huge vehicle determination, children can likewise profit by most Hot Wheel autos for their accident style track as they fit without any issues.


Works by smashing vehicles

One next to the other or straight on vehicle crashes

Prescribes a moderate movement crash recording

Perfect with most Hot Wheels autos


Short track length

12.Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3 – Slot Car Race Track

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Why we like it: With a basic structure, this can be the principal race vehicle track to consider from Carrera's plans.

Enlivened by the Cars activitys, the race vehicle track includes a straightforward and fun plan. Basically dependent on dashing execution, it doesn't accompany the probability of vehicles really colliding with one another. It's fun depends on unadulterated dashing execution. With regards to the genuine vehicles, children can discover unmistakable names to control. The included Lighting McQueen and Dinoco Cruz are battery-controlled and they can fly with high speeds around the dashing track.

The structure of the track takes into account long periods of fun. With a length of just shy of 8 feet, it is one of the bigger tracks to consider. Set on the floor, it can have children looking out for the vehicles as they race each other to the end goal or for various laps. As a two-player game, it tends to be suggested for families or siblings and sisters which can play together. However, regardless of whether the vehicles look shortsighted at a first sight, they really accompany electronically-managed speed with the goal that they can offer a flexible exhibition.


Offers a reasonable driving track

In view of Cars activity

Controlled by customary C batteries

Structured with a length of almost 8 feet


Bundling should be improved

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13.Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Box

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Why we like it: Stunt race vehicle tracks can't get any less complex than with the Stunt Box, in any event, for kids as youthful as 4.

Hot Wheels has structured this trick track to offer a bonus contrasted with a race track. It incorporates a Hot Wheels vehicle which needs to experience different difficulties and discover its way to the finish of the track. The whole track delivers in a container style box which can likewise be utilized to be a piece of the real track. It can raise the track from the floor and make the vehicles run tough and downhill over the container.

There are 35 adaptable pieces which deliver with the track. Every one of them can be utilized together or children can choose their preferred pieces to assemble a stunning trick track. One of the unmistakable qualities of the track is that it can likewise utilize family things for a custom track understanding. For instance, children can utilize books to appreciate new tricks each day. Guardians can likewise welcome the plan of the track which can fit totally in the container it sends in. It is the reason children can totally collect and re-gather the track from the receptacle as regularly varying.


Concentrated on stunt execution

Incorporates one vehicle for stunts

Can fuse family unit things, for example, books

Empowers experimentation


Turn segments can be smoother

14.Haktoys Authentic Track Racer PlaySet with Music

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Why we like it: This straightforward race vehicle track is an alternative parent can consider for little children. It accompanies 4 vehicles for a considerable length of time of fun and chuckles.

The race vehicle track is a finished answer for those trying to play with their little children. There are no remote controls to stress over, out and out vehicles which may require a push to a great extent to get past the track. The producer delivers the track with 4 vehicles children can play with. 3 trees can likewise be included for ornamental purposes. A helicopter can likewise be utilized if there should be an occurrence of crisis as it's remembered for the pack.

Made with various hues, the hustling track can improve little children's visual impressions. It speaks to a basic arrangement which can be utilized for quite a long time and hours one after another. Be that as it may, it's not tied in with learning with no good times. Children can cause the vehicles to accelerate around the track. Worked with strong ABS plastic, the track can deal with everything kids toss at it.


Incorporates 4 vehicles

Accompanies a crisis helicopter

Produced using non-poisonous ABS plastic

Fulfills worldwide security guidelines


Smaller track size

15.MMP Living Remote Control High-Speed Race Track Set

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Why we like it: With more than 30 feet long, the track is gone for kids who need enough space to arrive at most extreme hustling speed.

At 30 feet, this race vehicle track speaks to a feasible choice for rapid dashing. Actually, children can hope to arrive at a top speed of about 9 miles for each hour with their dashing vehicles. Obviously, the most fabulous piece of the track are the two circles. They are the ones answerable for the vehicles' presentation more than some other piece of the track.

With regards to activity, the toy isn't confounded to utilize. Children can locate their own particular manner around the track just utilizing the two vehicles which are delivered with two controllers. Every vehicle needs to cross the end goal at any rate one time before the other vehicle to win a race. Various lap races are likewise an incredible alternative for kids who need to appreciate consistent fun dashing. Obviously, there is a minute when the track begins to get old. This is when children can be enlivened by the 5 printed twofold circle structures for more long periods of hustling.


Spreads 30 feet of hustling

Impetuses vehicles at rates of up to 9mph

Incorporates 2 autos with remote controls

Accompanies two hustling circles


Incorporates no embellishment

16.Homofy Dinosaur Toys 142pcs Slot Car Race Track

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Why we like it: Dinosaurs have constantly interested children. Presently they are available around this adaptable track.

There are very few race vehicle tracks which can fit dinosaurs around them. Be that as it may, Homofy has figured out how to make probably the best arrangement with regards to incorporating the magnificent animals as improvement around this military-style race track. By and large, it speaks to one of the basic answers for be considered for kids as youthful as 2. And yet, the perpetual track conceivable outcomes with its more than 140 pieces make it a novel fascination in any event, for guardians.

Military vehicles fueled by batteries are remembered for the pack. They come to race on what can be a short or a long track, contingent upon how the children choose to build it. With extensions, trees, and inclines, vehicles can go around the race track confronting different difficulties. Getting a charge out of the ancient world and all that it brings to the table is presently joined with race tracks to offer a remarkable instructive point of view which can even improve creative mind with the entirety of the adaptable parts which are a piece of the pack.

Incorporates dinosaurs

Accompanies more than 140 snap on pieces

Incorporates military vehicles

Reasonable for babies


Longer time to dismantle

17.Carrera GO!!! Ferrari GT Experience

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Why we like it: Enjoying a definitive Ferrari vehicles can be such's required for fruitful dashing.

Dispatched in a refreshed alluring box, this race vehicle track accompanies everything kids need to begin making the most of their Ferrari autos. It's not very muddled to assemble. Carrera offers the race vehicle track parts which can be up to 28 feet when every one of them are associated together. Obviously, these parts incorporate straights, bends, and high banked bends.

In the set, children can likewise find one red Ferrari 458 GT2 and one white Ferrari 458 GT2. With their very own remote controls, these vehicles are prepared to arrive at noteworthy speeds on the long track. With included guardrails, flying the autos off the track probably won't be as simple similarly as with different tracks, which means children can go for max throttle dashing.


Accompanies two Ferrari 458 GT2 vehicles

More than 28 feet of dashing track

Pressed in an advanced box


No race track improvements

18.KidKraft Disney Cars Radiator Springs Race track Set and Table

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Why we like it: The set is prescribed for most Disney fans who can appreciate a wide determination of vehicles and a one of a kind track.

Made with a Disney-propelled subject, the race track is among the sturdiest children can seek after. Little children can be entranced by the Radiator Springs, as they can be intrigued by the long length of the track. Gathering isn't excessively muddled however since it accompanies nitty gritty enrichment, having the track introduced on a little table is suggested.

In view of real Disney wooden toys, the race track is among the most tough plans to consider. In any event, sitting on it won't harm the track. Another significant bit of leeway is the way that the track principally has an oval shape. Children can pursue the vehicles along the track without losing them far out. There are 90 bits of track and assistants to be introduced by kids or by their folks with the goal that the whole hustling experience is genuinely at its most noteworthy potential.


Roused by Disney stories

Sturdy development

90 bits of track and extras

Sent with sturdy wooden vehicles


Expects time to gather totally

19.Disney Pixar Cars 3 Florida Speedway Spiral Playset

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Why we like it: This staggered Speedway is roused by the Cars arrangement and it very well may be utilized with any Pixar track.

In view of the neighborly Cars arrangement, the Speedway Spiral Playset is prescribed for leaving different race autos. Made with strong plastic the Speedway Spiral stores vehicles on the base level and on the top level. The set is likewise fit to be utilized for putting away other Pixar-enlivened vehicles.

Right now, the set just ships with one Pixar vehicle. The Lightning McQueen can be the vehicle which children play with and leave as they need. Yet, the full points of interest of the playset can be viewed as when it's associated with other Pixar race vehicle track toys. The best experience is had when it really associated with the Florida Speedway set. Be that as it may, even without anyone else, the Speedway Spiral can even capacity as a vehicle stockpiling box while voyaging.


Propelled by Pixar's Cars arrangement

Accompanies the Lighting McQueen vehicle

Base and top level stopping

Collects in minutes


Different vehicles sold independently

20.Scalextric ARC One American Classics 1:32 Slot Car Race Track Playset

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Why we like it: With cell phone joining, this race vehicle track toy is ideal for the American works of art.

Roused by great American vehicles, the race track is really present day as it uses Bluetooth network. The two vehicles of the set are quite controlled through a cell phone or through a table with the guide of the authority application.

Be that as it may, the application accompanies significantly more settings than basic control. It incorporates controls for fuel utilization, lap counters, refueling break systems, tire wear, and even post-race insights. The track itself estimates 16 feet and it tends to be worked in 3 designs.


Helps to remember American great vehicles

In view of Bluetooth availability

Shows post-race insights

Accompanies 3 track designs


External vehicle runs smoother

21.Top Bright Toddler Toys Race Track

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Why we like it: Made for babies, this fun set can keep the little ones occupied while guardians take care of different tasks.

This straightforward plan can really be one of the best time hustling tracks little children can consider. Made with an effective plan, it speaks to a structure little children get the opportunity to adore to an ever increasing extent. Every vehicle flips over toward the finish of a track piece so as to get down another track piece. This is enjoyable to watch and it can even show little children a couple of things about attractive energy.

Produced using wooden materials and sturdy plastic, it is the ideal answer for when babies get fit of rage and start tossing things around. Guardians can have confidence the dashing track will stay in great condition for every future race.


Made with solid materials

Autos flip toward the finish of a race track piece

Intended for 1-year old children


Not the most sensible autos

22.Carrera Digital 132 Road Hammers Race Set

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Why we like it: This one of a kind race track can offer genuine 1:32 scale vehicles for a definitive dashing velocity.

In light of visiting execution, the race vehicle track toy is one of the main alternatives children can consider for a fun day with a companion. Flaunting a Lola T222 and a Porsche 917/30, the race track comes completely prepared with the goal that children can begin dashing right away.

In any case, youngsters love additional alternatives on their toys and the additional speed control enables them to appreciate races much more. Two children can play together so the track can be delighted in when a companion comes over or it can even be the fascination of a gathering.


Made with 1:32 scale models

Incorporates requesting track

Autos constrained by remote controls

Works with other Carrera autos


Needs level surface for top speed execution

23.Scalextric American Racers 1:32 Slot Car Race Track Playset

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Why we like it: American Chevrolet and Camaro racers can rouse races all around the globe.

Children can really appreciate an across the board hustling pack. The track estimates 16 feet if completely gathered. It handles a wide range of Scalextric vehicles. In any case, the pack accompanies the Chevrolet Corvette and the Camaro to offer an all-American dashing experience. These vehicles are known for their noteworthy torque and children can capitalize on the structures. Simultaneously, their capacity can be controlled for better race methodology. Vehicle controllers enable clients to choose a lower or a higher speed while out on the track.


Incorporates the Camaro and the Chevrolet Corvette

Two-speed controller

Incorporates simple change pickups


Corvette's wheelbase is shorter

24.Carrera GO!!! Ferrari Red Champions Slot Car Race Track

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Why we like it: Formula 1 fan currently have their own solid and quick race track to use in the solace of their homes.

No vehicle can ever be beated by a Formula 1 vehicle. The Carrera track incorporates Ferrari vehicles which are fit for arriving at velocities of up to 370mph. Be that as it may, these Formula 1 vehicle won't perform on their ordinary tracks. Carrera made a dashing track which incorporates a circle and an intersection. The aftereffects of this challenging plan are difficult to envision. From close to misses to full crashes, the track is requesting on the quick Formula 1 vehicles.


Enlivened by Formula 1

Accompanies two Ferrari vehicles

Quick paced execution

Planned with a track circle and intersection


Complex arrangement

25.Zoom Tubes Car Trax Mega Set

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Why we like it: Racing inside cylinders sounds insane however this is the thing that Zoom Tubes does best.

The captivating race vehicle track toy is noteworthy in its creativity. It speaks to an answer which is anything but difficult to use as vehicles can't really bounce out of the cylinders. Associating the whole track isn't confounded. All cylinders should be associated together with a solitary track where autos can race for laps. When the cylinders are associated, autos are embedded inside and afterward they are controlled with the assistance of a remote controller. The perfectly clear cylinders offer a visual encounter like no other race vehicle track.


Utilizations straightforward plastic cylinders

Perpetual track structure choices

Accompanies two hustling vehicles

Can be introduced on lopsided surfaces


May require additional cylinders for included difficulties

26.Liberty Imports My First Speed Racing Assembly Playset

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Why we like it: This straightforward playset is the ideal vehicle track for kids simply getting into dashing.

Made with tough materials, the race follow accompanies different embellishments and improvements. There are 41 bits of track which should be assembled. Frill incorporate traffic lights, traffic signs and corner stores. As it were, the track mirrors the streets of a genuine city more than those of a race track. In any case, kids additionally get 3 metal vehicles which can be driven along the track.


Produced using sturdy ABS plastic

Incorporates a service station

Accompanies 3 metal vehicles

For a very long time 3 and up


No included carport

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