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Best Long Men Underwear

Need the best long clothing for the evolving seasons? We took a gander at 30+ of the best base layer bottoms available, at that point purchased and tried 9 of the most fascinating men's models of 2019. Our apparatus specialists tried these bottoms on Fall stream and hiking trips through Utah and New Mexico, winter trail runs, climbs, and moves in the Rockies, and wrap exploded skins ridgelines in the Cascades. Our legs turned out to be well-familiar with these bottoms in the field, and a short time later, we brought them again into the lab to look at things like drying velocity and strength. We've summarized our encounters to furnish you with a far reaching, top to bottom appraisal to assist you with picking your next pair rapidly and effortlessly.
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A newcomer to this stage, rapidly earning group support, the Ortovox Rock'N'Wool Pant rose through the positions to arrive on top as our Editors' Choice Award victor. These bottoms hit that Goldilocks zone of base layer weight — not very light, however not very substantial — and bring along comfort and a fit that will keep you wearing them long after the day's exercises reach a conclusion. The 100% Merino fleece weave is top notch as far as rich, by skin comfort, and these bottoms sport a similarly delicate belt that is mindfully sewn outwardly of the gasp, taking out any opportunity of that irritating tingle that regularly creates after these every single normal layer unavoidably loosen up.

The weight-to-warmth proportion of these bottoms is fabulous, including a degree of warmth that far surpasses their texture weight, to help you through the coldest long periods of winter. Slide this pair of long clothing on before a taxing day of ski-visiting, and realize that the merino fleece will proficiently wick-away any perspiration in transit up, keeping you dry, agreeable, and warm remaining on the summit. The fleece weave is uniquely solid, and even sports knee-cushions to flaunt its protection from scraped spot. A straightforward structure, with negligible enunciation, includes a fit that is by one way or another both loose and physically cut — this pair of long clothing is similarly as agreeable out on the slope as they are sticking around the house. No pair we tried adjusted the key execution qualities of base layer bottoms superior to these. A venture, however with legitimate consideration, we see these managing long periods of winter-time experience.

Setting the standard for a straightforward, simple pair of long clothing, the REI Co-operation Lightweight Bottoms are all that you have to help expand your recess into the colder months. Offering quality execution at a value point a lot of lower than some other base layer in this audit, these bottoms keep on characterizing our Best Buy Award in this classification. Probably the greatest worry with these bottoms is the alternate way of the legs, yet REI offers a more drawn out choice that may better suit even those with not really long legs. While we wished the full-manufactured form offered more sturdiness, our scraped spot test far surpasses most genuine applications. We don't recommend it, however regardless of whether you were to destroy these bottoms hauling them up sandstone towers on your next desert caper, in any event you didn't drop a hundo on them.

The lightweight, lion's share polyester sew has been redesigned this season with a touch of spandex, offering some additional stretch and versatility to these perfectly sized bottoms. As a lightweight alternative dappled with little vents, this exceptionally breathable layer effectively serves as a couple of cool-season running stockings. Incredible for the crisp evenings of summer outdoors trips and for your increasingly oxygen consuming winter exercises, this flexible pair of johns is prepared for any experience you can think up — similarly as long as it doesn't include representing broadened periods in the bone chilling virus.

We've tried the top and the base of the SmartWool Merino 250, and we love the texture! The glow and solace of the thick, cush 250 g/m², 100% merino fleece are unmatched. These bottoms balance outrageous warmth and breathability with an effortlessness that is deserving of commendation. Worked for the coldest conditions, yet effectively wicking endlessly sweat, these inhale so well that they perform almost similarly as wonderfully when the temperature heats up a piece. Flatlock creases and a wide, merino-wrapped belt offer throughout the day comfort. With the special reward of merino fleece's characteristic enemy of smell ability, you don't need to stress over raising some static following a long, hard day in the slopes.

This is the thickest merino texture that we tried, which makes it one of the most strong merino layers in our survey, yet regardless it isn't impenetrable and requires a degree of care that goes past most bits of rigging. We don't adore the way that these bottoms will in general loosen up after customary use. The texture will recoup from its stretch after a wash, however the twofold edged sword is that they will last longer with less washes. Despite the fact that the solace is brilliant, the fit could utilize some tweaking, particularly the groin — the notorious long clothing groin hang still lives on in these bottoms. Ready to give solace and execution in a wide scope of temperatures, these bottoms are truly ideal for those working or playing in extremely cool conditions.

Searching for your next pair of hero tights? The Outdoor Research Enigma Bottoms may very well assist you with accomplishing your phenomenal experience objectives. These ultra-lightweight tights brag an unbelievable dampness wicking capacity, winning our Top Pick for any individual who altogether appreciates running up mountains, or some other exceptionally oxygen consuming action in the harsh elements months. Worked with an exclusive merino/poly-mix, this base layer has the super capacity to wick away perspire as fast as we delivered it. Indeed, even with their quick and-light intrigue, these bottoms offer the perfect measure of warmth to fend off the pre-winter chill when worn alone on an early morning trail run, and simply enough protection to easily rest through colder elevated evenings.

This slight pair of long clothing is positively not intended for remaining around on a cold belay edge while your climbing accomplice battles up their most up to date ice-venture. In any case, for any action that is getting down to business up a perspiration, in practically any atmosphere, these extraordinarily planned bottoms will keep you dry, agreeable, and progressing.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our master on chilly climate layering frameworks is Aaron Rice. With an expectation to seek after blanketed experience as a lifestyle, Aaron fills in as a full-time ski patroller and low maintenance snow researcher—get some information about outstanding dendrites or better parts of indirect access cold fronts, and he'll happily exhaust you! In his available time, you may risk crosswise over him in the sometimes voyage high piles of New Mexico, investigating while out trail running, hiking, snow capped climbing, and ski visiting. Open air Educator and guide Roland Mott additionally added to this survey, focusing on the experience and detail that lone originates from an actual existence enthusiastically spent occupied with an assortment of outside exercises (frequently spent wearing long clothing). Roland earned a degree in Outdoor Recreation Leadership in 2010 and has guided streams, exploring, and moving for a long time all through the US and Central America. Additionally as a Master Educator for the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, Roland has shown land stewardship and ecological morals courses.

Discovering what long clothing model is best among a huge gathering of contenders began with web searches and hours spent understanding surveys. We at first thought to be more than 30 contributions from different makers before at last choosing to buy and test the 9 examined here, which we considered generally encouraging. In the same way as other items we test, the convention included a mix of field use and lab tests. Viewpoints like warmth, solace, and fit were assessed fundamentally while wearing the clothing in an assortment of outside settings, while solidness and breathability were best presented with lab tests, for example, the 8-inch stone scraped area test we formulated for testing how well the articles of clothing opposed scraped area.

Examination and Test Results

Long clothing — additionally usually alluded to as base layer bottoms — assumes a significant job in both keeping you warm and managing your internal heat level while you're out playing in colder conditions. Bottoms aren't utilized as much of the time as tops, frequently possibly turning out when the cold of winter truly sets in. In any case, don't be mixed up, these aren't planned only for warmth. Long clothing can really be very adaptable, coming in similarly as convenient for nightgown on an exploring trip, wearing them as tights while trail running, or layered under your preferred pair of pants for a night around a campfire. Obviously, they are a non-debatable layer for colder-climate exercises, for example, layered underneath a specialized dish while out ice climbing and skiing. These base layers work to keep you dry and agreeable by wicking sweat away from your body, an important viewpoint in almost any open air interest.

We scored each layer crosswise over four measurements, which are intended to envelop the attributes we accept make long clothing a significant expansion to your closet. These scores — decided through an assortment of tests — are then aggregated, and we allocate an all out score out of 100 for each pair of bottoms. These items are tried one next to the other, so note that these scores are comparative with different items in the audit; a low score doesn't imply that an item does not merit its weight-in-fleece. It basically implies that it didn't execute just as different items in this audit. We assessed each pair of bottoms dependent on: Warmth, Breathability, Comfort and Fit, and Durability.

You can without much of a stretch spend critical measures of money on long clothing bottoms, yet before you do, consider if that speculation is extremely essential. In case you're a mountain climber, go on multi-day ski visits, love winter outdoors, or simply invest a great deal of energy reproducing in cool conditions, putting resources into a very good quality, execution base layer is simpler to legitimize. In any case, in case you're searching for a couple to destroy on to scoop the walkway, you likely can set aside some cash, and still get your hands on a quality item. Merino fleece models, all in all, are going to cost more since it is a generally costly material to deliver. Manufactured models are quite often more affordable, however frequently give characteristics —, for example, brisk drying texture — that might be progressively imperative to you. While synthetics will in general amass the smell of sweat all the more effectively, they additionally will in general be more solid than normal filaments through many wash cycles, so their life span adds to their worth.

Our Best Buy Award champ from REI Co-operation is an incredible choice for an engineered pair of bottoms that are similarly as significant at home strolling the pooch on chilly winter days as they are cutting up groomers on skis. These lightweight bottoms may not support you as far as warmth for long experiences in frigid landscape, yet as a lightweight alternative, they are adaptable enough to bring you through the other three seasons when you have to pack some additional something to layer with. For those truly hoping to get after it in the backwoods, the OR Enigma Bottoms may simply be the eventual fate of quick and-light innovation for base layers. These bottoms are weave with an exclusive mix of reused polyester and all-normal Merino fleece, so it isn't just economically important yet additionally offers a chance to bounce into a presentation disapproved of pair of long clothing at a value point that falls well beneath a significant number of our full merino fleece choices.


Warmth would one say one is of the most noteworthy variables to mull over when considering adding long clothing to your pack — all things considered, on the off chance that we had the option to remain warm all without anyone else, would we even have concocted base layers? Indeed, that is begging to be proven wrong when thinking about different advantages of these articles of clothing. Be that as it may, it's absolutely a central point and one that we don't acknowledge at face (texture) esteem. While we regularly discover a relationship among's glow and thickness of material, it is a progressively perplexing inquiry, likewise considering texture type and fit. A base's capacity to keep you warm is possibly above all attached in its capacity to wick sweat away from your body, keeping you dry and agreeable while dynamic, instead of having your legs end up a couple of cool, soaked noodles toward the finish of a day.

Not only an important component in winter, we tried these bottoms through a wide scope of temperatures and conditions so as to precisely survey how these bottoms contrasted with each other. Burning some serious calories cleaning steep territory, strolling the pooch in frosty temperatures, winter climbing, fall hiking, and resting in the rear of the truck or out in a tent through the long, dull, cold evenings. Warmth is a powerful metric in light of the fact that there is a heap of contemplations to remember on an individual premise, for example, asking yourself, "how warm do I rest?" But it is essential to know that the hottest bottoms aren't generally the most reasonable for your needs. Think about a couple of variables: what temperature range will you use them for? What force of action will you be participating in? Do you need adaptability crosswise over seasons or simply mid-winter warmth? As referenced above, do you normally run cold or hot? At long last, would you say you are layering them under a solitary, specialized some climbing jeans, or rather under a some ski pants that effectively offer a degree of warmth and protection?

On the off chance that you need bottoms for exercises in the harsh cold, we prescribe the SmartWool Merino 250, Ortovox Rock'N'Wool, or Arc'teryx Rho LT; in a specific order dependent on by and large warmth. In case you're searching for an extraordinary, flexible pair of long clothing, the SmartWool Merino 150, Patagonia Capilene Midweight, Icebreaker Merino 200 Oasis, or the REI Co-operation Merino Midweight bottoms are great decisions that offer more of a mid-go feel. On the off chance that glow isn't as squeezing for you, and a lightweight base ideal for summer hiking, crosscountry skiing, and winter climbing outings to the desert are more your speed, the REI Co-operation Lightweight bottoms might be your ticket. So also, on the off chance that you need a base for your SkiMo preparing, look at the Outdoor Research Enigma bottoms as an extraordinary alternative for the individuals who esteem dampness wicking ability somewhat more than warmth-by-protection.


Breathability is a quality that can represent the deciding moment how compelling a base layer with regards to managing your internal heat level. Despite whether you are shedding sweat-pounds breaking trail in abdomen profound day off, hard scooping the carport, or running laps around your city in the fall, it is significant that you can remain dry and agreeable through everything.

A piece of clothing's capacity to inhale lives in the strands of the texture. Breathability is the limit of the fiber to move heat-instigated dampness — i.e., sweat — from within the piece of clothing to the outside, and enabling it to then dissipate from the outside of the layer. This procedure the two prevents you from overheating and enables the bottoms to remain evaporate when you're working a perspiration. This all signifies comfort while progressing, and relative warmth all through a scope of internal heat levels, expanding flexibility for an assortment of situations.

Our internal heat level doesn't vacillate as seriously on our base half as it does on our top half, however with a portion of our significant working muscles, it is a zone that is great at creating steady warmth. Having a couple of long clothing that will dump warmth and remain dry is significant when you're taking an interest in exceptionally oxygen consuming, start/stop exercises, as boondocks skiing. To test breathability, we cleaned up breezy edges, ran cold mountain trails, and wore these bottoms in bubbling hot cottages (excessively much feed in that wood-consuming stove directly before bed, amigo… ). We wore these layers for a considerable length of time of open air movement, just at long last persuaded to take them off so as to play out a controlled test in the lab, and to shower. Testing these bottoms one next to the other in a temperature-controlled, indoor condition, we burned some calories with a similar short, thorough exercise routine — pull-ups, push-ups, hikers, burpees, and hop squats — while wearing each base layer. We noticed how well they inhaled through eruptions of serious movement, and afterward planned to what extent it took for our skin to dry after every exercise.

Our most breathable layers, not all that amazingly, were on the lighter side as far as texture weight. The Smartwool Merino 150 and Icebreaker Merino 200 Oasis bottoms are incredible decisions on the off chance that you are looking for an elevated level of breathability in a full-merino pair of long clothing. Pretty much every merino layer we tried offers predominant dampness wicking capacity — a characteristic quality and advantage of merino fleece — which advances the ability for these layers to inhale well while you're progressing. While every single common fiber rule regarding wicking capacity, synthetics will in general dry quicker on the body. The Patagonia Capilene Midweight and REI Lightweight bottoms are both full manufactured forms that make a strong showing with regards to dampness wicking, yet dry out on the body a lot quicker than every single regular fiber. Be that as it may, the leader in our testing was the Outdoor Research Enigma base, a cross breed of reused polyester and merino fleece, which consolidates the best of the two textures to give first class breathability, and is our Top Pick for high-yield action.

Solace and Fit

While tops have been given a great deal of structure thoughtfulness regarding advance simplicity of layering, bottoms are generally infamous for a poor fit. The times of yesteryear offered us no decision yet cotton longies that were excessively loose in the knees, had a bothersome belt that extended four sizes before the day's over, and a groin that darn-close arrived at your knees. Indeed, the wild-west long periods of long johns are no more! We've entered a period of utilitarian structure and specialized materials where present day bottoms are practically identical to their upper parts, managing choices for high performing base layer frameworks. Solace is a metric that is sensibly uniform crosswise over various clients — we as a whole need to enclose our legs by extravagant, delicate spun fleece or silk-like polyester. In any case, the fit is particularly an emotional measurement, with thoughts regarding the correct sort of fit fluctuating uncontrollably crosswise over various body shapes, sizes, lengths, and types. Through investigation of enunciation, crease situation, cut, and configuration highlights, we put forth a valiant effort to distinguish any territories of worry that may apply to every single client, not simply the ones that match our own bodies. Yet, so, we generally recommend giving things a shot face to face so you can choose for yourself in the event that they fit well.

We thought about various variables to decide solace and fit: the vibe of the texture beside skin; how tight or free they fit specifically zones, for example, the knees and sleeves, and how these bottoms fit generally speaking; the stretch and opportunity of portability; the size and solace of the belt; the length of the legs, and stretch of the sleeves; the profundity of the groin and any base list; the kind of crease join, and the verbalization and related solace of sewing; and obviously, the layering capacity of these bottoms. We wore these bottoms for a long time, through numerous exercises — from holding tight the lounge chair perusing and tasting espresso, to doing combating up ice-climbing courses. Outfitted with a considerable rundown of notes and request, we rank each pair to furnish you with the most ideal information on how these bottoms may fit, to all the more likely illuminate your internet obtaining.

We have just tried top notch items here, so comfort is genuinely uniform. These bottoms are on the whole commonly delicate alongside skin — especially any of the 100% merino bottoms, and ones made with reused polyester — and offer a degree of comfort that for the most part increments with material weight. With regards to positioning sets of long clothing one next to the other, the fit separates them in this classification. On the off chance that you are searching for that ultra-delicate base and wouldn't fret somewhat stretch or droop, the Smartwool Merino 250, Patagonia Capilene Midweight, or REI Merino Midweight bottoms are impeccable getting after it, just as for the down-day hang. The SmartWool Merino 250 shoots the rooftop off of solace, with their darling 250 g/m²-weight comfortable Merino fleece and overly comfortable belt, however has a touch of what we allude to as SCS (Soggy Crotch Syndrome). Sets that are as yet going to feel like your preferred pair of workout pants, however with somewhat more cut, are the Ortovox Rock'N'Wool or Smartwool 150 bottoms. Our top picks for delicate textures combined with second-skin versatility are the Arc'teryx RHO LT and the Outdoor Research Enigma bottoms. At long last, in case you're hoping to fit in with the yoga or fall-running groups, the Icebreaker Merino 200 Oasis is an incredible all-regular choice. We likewise burrow the engineered REI Lightweight Bottoms for shoulder season runs.


Solidness has never been an especially solid suit with regards to base layers — recollect, these bottoms are explicitly intended to be worn at the base of your pack. At the point when these layers serve as an independent base, for example, a couple of running tights, we like to consider it a greater amount of a special reward. Merino fleece has been truly vulnerable to tears, tears, and punctures, however marks have been making genuine walks as of late to improve the solidness of this all-common fiber. The SmartWool Merino 150, for instance, folds the Merino fleece over a nylon center to expand toughness. Indeed, even a portion of the unadulterated, 100% Merino alternatives, similar to the Ortovox Rock'N'Wool bottoms, astounded us with choice protection from scraped area during our forceful lab testing. Different architects pick to mix polyester strands with Merino fleece to expand item life, similar to the Outdoor Research Enigma bottoms. While manufactured strands are generally increasingly strong, we found in our testing that the more slender, lightweight bottoms, paying little mind to material form, are the most defenseless to harm. Both the Smartwool 150 (generally merino fleece) and the REI Lightweight bottoms (completely engineered) were two of just three layers to don gaps after our scraped area test. While this might be an undeniable finding to a considerable lot of you out there, it is significant that none of the heavier-weight alternatives — except for the REI Merino Midweight — created gaps after a similar testing process. What we're getting at is that material sort, while still a factor, is starting to assume a lower priority in relation to texture weight with regards to solidness.

Not ready to break that material generalization at this time, the most solid pair of long clothing we tried are a couple of engineered bottoms. The Arc'teryx RHO LT is by a wide margin the most solid of the considerable number of layers we tried, with a brushed-nylon face texture that indicated next to no wear after both lab and broad field testing. Of the merino layers, the thick texture of the SmartWool Merino 250 is the most sturdy, and the marginally more slender Ortovox Rock'N'Wool pants created comparable toughness results.

Washing and drying in a machine is the speediest way to obliteration for long clothing — especially for completely merino fleece piece of clothing, yet additionally for manufactured alternatives. Less continuous cycles spares you water, yet will bring about longer item life. A tip for washing merino layers: on the off chance that you wash them in a work sack, it fundamentally decreases the wear they experience through skipping around during wash cycles. Furthermore, likewise with most fleece layers, we completely support the producer's recommendation of laying the long clothing level to dry.


Long clothing bottoms are not a vestment that you will in general purchase on a regular premise, or frequently claim different sets of so far as that is concerned. We concur that it merits doing some examination, furnished with the information on how you mean on utilizing this specific bit of rigging, to arrive a couple that is ideal for your work and play, and will hold an incentive through long periods of utilization. Keep in mind, it is essential to consider factors like your own temperature-demeanor and the scope of temperatures you plan on wearing them in, and the sorts of exercises you are obtaining these bottoms for. Your own contemplations, joined with our fastidious fixation for gear, will ideally combine you with another arrangement of bottoms that will keep your buns toasty and the stir high for a considerable length of time to come

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