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Review: Logitech G432 Gaming Headset

Logitech has discharged an update to its headset line, and incorporated into the new lineup is the refreshed G432 (See it on Amazon). It's a substitution for the stalwart G430 that had been around for quite a long time, so it was high time for an update. While the looks have just observed minor changes, the noteworthy improvements have been where it matters most: the drivers and the mouthpiece.

The appearance of the G432 is intensely propelled by its antecedent. They're all dark with a fly of the equivalent Logitech blue shading found on the G430, albeit now just as a ring around and on the inside of the ear cushions. The Logitech G gaming symbol is on both earcups. Aside from the constrained blue and silver accents, the G432 are downplayed for a gaming headset.

Inside the drivers have been overhauled from 40mm to 50mm. Bigger drivers enable the headset to possibly create progressively precise sound contrasted with in the event that it had littler drivers, similar to the 40mm units found in its forerunner, the G430. The amplifier is bigger, as well, and housed inside a retractable blast that quiets in the up position.

The G432 are a wired-just headset, so they're good with PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and cell phones with 3.5mm associations. The link is 6.5 feet long, so it offers a lot of slack in the event that you don't have front associations on your PC or are interfacing legitimately to your support that sits by the TV.

The in-line volume controls found on the G430 have been moved to the back of the left ear container, which wipes out the additional load on the link that can pull at the headset. It ends with a solitary 3.5mm connector that joins the sound and amplifier flag.

Included with the headset is a 3.5mm splitter for the sound and mic ports on your soundcard, and a USB connector that permits full usefulness matched with the Logitech G HUB programming.

Logitech G HUB programming is the swap for Logitech Gaming Software and can connect all your Logitech peripherals in the equivalent was as LGS did. At the point when the G432 is appended to your PC by means of USB additional sound highlights can be controlled.

There are distinctive foreordained EQ bends (called Moods) with the capacity to include custom EQ tuning with a 10-band equalizer. G HUB is the place you can turn on DTS Headphone: X 2.0 encompass sound. I incline toward G HUB to the old Logitech Gaming Software. I think that its simple to explore and utilize. As a matter of fact there aren't numerous factors for the G432 since it doesn't have lighting, yet what is there is clear and obvious.

The Logitech G432 merits looking at for its solid sound execution, adaptable associations and sensible cost.

The Logitech G432 is a long-past due update to the G430 that has everything that made its ancestor beneficial, in addition to much better music execution. In any case, it additionally looks and feels especially like a four-year-old frill.

The G432 merits looking at for its solid sound execution, flexible associations and sensible cost. Then again, the contraption's physical structure hasn't matured such well, and you can show signs of improvement gadgets in case you're willing to spend only somewhat more.


Keep in mind the Logitech G430: plasticine and light, with noisy blue features and an adaptable steel headband? The G432 is only a somewhat refreshed form of that. The ear containers are bonded leather as opposed to froth, and the blue twists are considerably more controlled. Else, it has a similar plastic feel and fairly loosely scored headband.

There's an adaptable, nonremovable blast mic on the facade of the left ear container and a volume dial on the back. There's nothing actually wrong here, yet the G432 botched an opportunity to stay aware of rounder, sturdier, progressively present day structures.

What's additionally intriguing is the sheer assortment of associations the G432 offers. As a matter of course, you can interface the gadget through a solitary, 3.5-millimeter sound link. In any case, it additionally accompanies a splitter for discrete mic/sound associations, just as a USB connector. I don't know it was carefully important to incorporate both of these associations, since the splitter and the USB connector both function admirably for gaming PCs, however it's constantly pleasant to have more choices.


The G432 feels great enough, however a couple of changes would have improved it. The bonded leather ear mugs don't press too intensely on the ears, yet they do get hot, particularly after you've been wearing the headset for a couple of hours. The first occasion when I took the G432 off my head, I was amazed to discover sweat dots on the ear glasses as well as on the froth headband. The ear containers additionally feel a little free to move around at will side.

The bonded leather ear glasses don't press too vigorously on the ears, however they do get hot, particularly after you've been wearing the headset for a couple of hours.

I gave off the G432 to a colleague, who concurred with my appraisal, especially about the free sentiment of the ear containers. In any case, he thought the artificial leather was pleasingly supple and said that the headset felt simple to wear in general.

Gaming Performance

One zone where the G432 conveyed in full was its in-amusement execution — in any event when appended by means of USB. The headset gave rich, programmable sound for PC amusements like Destiny 2, World of Warcraft and StarCraft: Remastered, with an incredible bass/treble equalization and a soundscape that felt close as opposed to far off. Gunfire in Destiny 2, the techno music in StarCraft; and the hints of fight in World of Warcraft all came through freshly and plainly.

I had a progressively blended involvement with the 3.5-mm link without anyone else's input, however. The sound wasn't so boisterous or nuanced on a PC when contrasted and the USB connector, notwithstanding when I played precisely the same amusement. On a Nintendo Switch, in any case, the sound came through fine and dandy, giving a sensible harmony between voice work, audio effects and music.

The headset gave rich, programmable sound for PC recreations like Destiny 2, World of Warcraft and StarCraft: Remastered, with a magnificent bass/treble parity and a soundscape that feels close instead of inaccessible.

The G432 can offer fantastic sound no matter how you look at it, however you will get the best understanding on a gaming PC. Consider if your essential arrangement of decision is a reassure.


On the off chance that you attach the G432 to a PC by means of USB, you can change sound-profile alternatives in the Logitech G Hub programming. Notwithstanding DTS 7.1 encompass sound, you additionally get evening out sliders, commotion decrease and a bunch of different highlights. As far as I can tell, the encompass sound was somewhat sloppy and quieted, while the stereo sound was solid and prompt, so there was very little motivation to switch over. In any case, the choices are decent to have, on the off chance that you need to try different things with different settings, or you have content that is upgraded for encompass sound.

The receiver is likewise flawlessly reasonable for multiplayer recreations, despite the fact that it's not one of the fanciest models available using any and all means. Use it to speak with colleagues; don't utilize it for any sort of expert evaluation sound chronicle.

Music Performance

You can wring some great music execution out of the G432 in case you're willing to change the sound alternatives on a PC. In any case, even without those changes, music sounds fine. There's a reasonable qualification among treble and bass, and high frequencies don't bring about any bending. The sound isn't as rich as anything you'd get from a committed sound headset, yet for a $80 gaming headset, it's about in the same class as these things get.

Logitech G432 Gaming Headset – Testing and Gaming

Solace is a significant measure for headsets. It doesn't make a difference how great they sound in the event that you can just tolerate to keep them on for ten minutes. Amid all of my long gaming sessions or sessions tuning in to music while composing this survey I never wanted to take the G432 off on the grounds that they were awkward.

The clipping power is sufficiently only to keep them safely connected without actuating migraines, and the headband cushioning laid softly on the highest point of my head. They are a little plastic-y, however it didn't feel like they were nearly breaking like some sub-$100 headsets.

The sound of the G432 is generally excellent when associated through the USB dongle.

The sound of the G432 is generally excellent when associated through the USB dongle. The midrange is clear, and the top of the line has some decent shimmer in spite of the fact that it's somewhat downplayed. Bass reaction is more curbed than has been the pattern since Beats turned out, and it's an invigorating change. There's decent lucidity and it doesn't overwhelm the midrange.


That incredible sound is obvious in amusements with huge powerful ranges like Battlefront II and Destiny 2. The activity wraps you with blasts having profundity without darkening weapon discharge originating from various headings. The DTS encompass put impacts precisely and helped me know where an adversary was assaulting from. It's a noteworthy favorable position exaggerating with a stereo blend.


The sound profile changes however when the USB is removed from the blend.

The sound profile changes however when the USB is removed from the blend. At the point when associated with simply the 3.5mm connector it sounds like a meager cover has been put between my ears and the drivers. Everything is somewhat muted, particularly in the midrange. Discourse is feeling the loss of a similar nearness it has over USB and is somewhat dreary. It is anything but an extraordinary change, yet enough to be a bit of frustrating originating from tuning in through USB.

I initially saw the distinction moving from Destiny 2 on my PC to cruise with companions in Sea of Thieves on my Xbox One X. The guns didn't have the pound I was utilized to and the clanking of swords was feeling the loss of some radiance.

For encompass sound help, the G432 utilizes DTS Headphone: X 2.0, another update to the 7.1 DTS encompass motor that has been around for a couple of years. The new form has better encompass sound arrangement and division than the first. In both Destiny 2 and Battlefront II, I had a simpler time precisely hearing where blaster fire was coming from when NPCs weren't straightforwardly before me than I did on more seasoned DTS Headphone: X headsets. This took into account an increasingly vivid encounter. The one downside was the low bass. It seemed like there was an additional push to the bass with encompass turned on that the drivers couldn't exactly deal with, bringing about some slight low-end twisting. The encompass handling is finished with the Logitech G HUB programming, so it must be turned on while the G432 are associated through USB.

Where the G432 exceeds expectations is with its mic. Everybody I played with remarked on the clearness of my voice and even marginally favored it to increasingly costly choices like the Logitech G935 and Audeze Mobius amplifiers.

Obtaining Guide

The Logitech G432 Gaming Headset has a MSRP of $79.99 yet can regularly be discovered online for marginally less.

The Verdict

The Logitech G432 Gaming Headset owes a great deal to its ancestor, the G430, particularly in the looks division. On account of that they feel somewhat dated. They compensate for it in their sound quality however, in any event through USB where they rival headsets twice their cost. A portion of that quality is undermined when the USB soundcard is expelled, however regardless they give a pleasant encounter on consoles.

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