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The Best Women Hiking Boots

Spring has arrived and it's a great opportunity to begin arranging the mid year exploring trip. It's a great opportunity to refresh your rigging for the experiences ahead, and we are here to help! We looked into more than 60 unique models of climbing boots before acquiring the best 17 you see here, subjecting them to broad next to each other correlations. Our master analyzers wore every contender in an assortment of landscape from the Sierra Nevada to the sandstone trails of southern Utah. We made notes of which boots can deal with the whole deals (or not!) and which sets can hold tight the lofty rough territory by giving enough help and footing. Read on to discover which combine is most appropriate for your next experience.
Trail work or outdoor labor  requires footwear to be sturdy  durable  and capable of handling dirt. The Keen Targhee II Mid became our go-to boot for working long days building trails in Tuolumne Meadows. We wore these boots day-in and day-out and they maintained their composure and support.

We've refreshed our ladies' climbing boot audit to present to you the most recent forms of the more well known items out there. We've incorporated the refreshed Merrell Moab 2 Mid and the new La Sportiva Nucleo High. Sharp has patched up the very much loved Targhee line, and we were so inspired with it, and its wallet-accommodating sticker price, that we've given it our Best Buy grant. We've included the new Salomon X Ultra Mid 3 GTX , Vasque Breeze III GTX, Oboz Sapphire, Vasque Mesa Trek, Keen Terradora WP Mid, and Teva Arrowood Mid. We are upbeat to report that the climbing boot showcase is proceeding to center around more agreeable and lighter weight choices, with the goal that you, and your feet, can be cheerful on the trail.

Best Overall Women's Model

HOKA ONE Tor Ultra HI - Women's

HOKA ONE TOR ULTRA HI WP Editors' Choice Award

$230 USD List

Rundown Price

See It

Weight: 1.8 pounds | Upper: Suede and Nubuck Leather

Amazingly very much cushioned underneath



Lightweight for measure of help gave

Water safe


Looks cumbersome

At first look, the HOKA ONE Tor Ultra is somewhat interesting looking, with larger than usual soles and splendid hues. When they are on, however, we before long disregarded their wild appearance as a result of how agreeable these shoes felt on our feet. The pad from the thick soles makes these shoes agreeable even after the longest days on the trail. Moreover, the high-top plan makes for a steady shoe that can deal with rough territory. The Tor Ultra gets our Editors' Choice honor for their fantastic solace, dependability, and their inventive and functional plan. The brand has been making running shoes for a few years now, and we were eager to perceive how effective their progressive innovation is when connected to climbing particular boots.

On the off chance that you are centered around solace and support, at that point these boots are an awesome alternative, once you get over their wild appearance. A few models do come in more inconspicuous tones for those searching for a calmer choice. The thick sole is not quite the same as a customary climbing boot and sets aside some opportunity to acclimate to, yet we observed it to be a distinct advantage once we adjusted. It is additionally vital to take note of that these boots include some major disadvantages. Sold online for $230, we feel that these boots are well justified, despite all the trouble for the individuals who intend to put some genuine miles in on the trail.

Read survey: HOKA ONE Tor Ultra - Women's

Best Bang for the Buck

Sharp Targhee III Mid - Women's

Best Buy Award

$145 USD List

Rundown Price

See It

Weight: 1.8 pounds | Upper: Oiled Nubuck

Exceptionally agreeable

Simple to break in

Light feel on the foot

Extraordinary footing

Uncompromising development

Great cost

Water safe uppers

Needs bolster underneath

The Keen Targhee III was one of our most loved boots, and that is before considering their sensible sticker price. Their uppers are developed with a blend of calfskin and work, making them a sturdy, yet still breathable and light, boot. The uppers have a water-safe covering, making them an astounding boot for wet, spring conditions. Also, regardless they keep up firmness and support, which different more affordable alternatives once in a while need. Their solid elastic toe top and 4 mm drag profundities make for a model with brilliant footing on tough territory and shake sections. Once more, the Keen Targhee III are the entire bundle, with a sticker price that is difficult to leave behind.

Their lighter development and low lower leg shaft imply that these boots fall somewhat short with respect to strength. This is essential to remember on the off chance that you are wanting to climb with substantial loads or have lower leg flimsiness. On the off chance that this is you, at that point the Keen Targhee III may not be the best choice. All things considered, these boots are strong and will keep going quite a while, settling on them a superb decision for our Best Buy Award.

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Top Pick Award for Durability

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid - Women's

Top Pick Award


at Amazon UK

See It

Weight: 2.2 pounds | Upper: Nubuck calfskin

All around cushioned


Great lower leg bolster

Extremely waterproof

Measuring runs enormous

Needs bolster for long climbs

Massive tongue

With regards to metric evaluations, our nearby sprinter up for Editors' Choice is the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid — Women's. These boots are an amazing case of craftsmanship and toughness and were a nearby second to the Hoka consequently. The Renegade is a yell out to the all-calfskin climbing boots of days past, which would a decades ago with a little consideration and care. These boots are great — brawny, calfskin, and extremely waterproof. They have a GORE-TEX lining and a waterproof covering on their calfskin uppers to keep your feet dry even in when completely submerged in spring spillover. Not at all like boots of the past, these boots are additionally exceptionally agreeable and require next to no opportunity to break in.

The most huge defect we found in these boots in their weight. At 2.2 pounds, these little dogs weigh just about a full pound heavier than the lightest models available. Contrasted with these boots, the Renegade feels instantly overwhelming when you put them on. This inclination just develops as the miles include up the trail. On the off chance that additional strength and support are what you are after, at that point the weight may not be as large of an issue. For a boot that is dependable, durable, and stable the Lowa Renegade is an attempted and-genuine decision

Read audit: Lowa Renegade GTX Mid - Women's

Contrast select up with 5 items

Score Product Price Our Take


Salomon X Ultra Mid 3 GTX - Women's


The X Ultra Mid 3 are light, extremely waterproof, agreeable, and furthermore give awesome footing in all conditions.


HOKA ONE Tor Ultra HI - Women's



Editors' Choice Award

The extreme plan is certain to grab your attention and the high scores in the entirety of our measurements are certain to keep your feet agreeable!


Vasque Monolith UltraDry - Women's

Vasque Monolith UltraDry


Adaptability is the name of the diversion with the Monoliths and they accompany a sensible sticker price, to boot!


Sharp Targhee III Mid - Women's


Best Buy Award

As this present season's Best Buy Award champ, the Keen Targhee III are agreeable, strong, and sensibly estimated.


Lowa Renegade GTX Mid - Women's


Top Pick Award

Great for a reason; an all-calfskin development, unparalleled help, and strong plan meet the desires for an exemplary climbing boot.


Ahnu Sugarpine II


The Sugarpines are the lightest boot in our audit yet still offer help. They are chic, as well as agreeable as well.


Ahnu Montara III


Smart and solid, these boots are adaptable for day climbs, exploring trips, and even a climb around town.


La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX - Women's


The Nucleo feel light after miles on the trail and still offers help underneath, and additionally solidness and water opposition on account of their cowhide uppers.


Oboz Sapphire Mid Waterproof - Women's


For a boot that looks great while standing its ground on rough trails, the Sapphire is a decent alternative.


Vasque Breeze III GTX - Women's


The Breeze III will take you through any landscape while as yet offering help, solace, and solidness.


Oboz Bridger Mid BDry - Women's

Oboz Bridger Mid BDry


Sturdiness is a key normal for these firm and tough, all cowhide boots; ideal for rough territory and life span.


Merrell Moab 2 Mid WP - Women's


For a straightforward, agreeable, and reasonable boot, the Moab 2 Mid's are an awesome decision.


Vasque Mesa Trek UltraDry - Women's


This boot is an agreeable, essential boot that needs bolster underneath and footing because of its negligible bottom.


Columbia Redmond Mid Waterproof - Women's

Columbia Redmond


No opportunity to break in the boots? Don't sweat it. The Redmond Mids are pleasant and delicate and prepared to go for the following day climbing experience.


Teva Arrowood Mid Waterproof - Women's


These lightweight boots give little help to long days on the trail, yet are as yet a reasonable choice for a light climber.


Merrell Capra Bolt Mid - Women's

Merrell Capra Bolt Mid WP


Merrell has hitched the solace and light weight of a running shoe with included lower leg bolster.


Sharp Terradora WP Mid - Women's


For climbers that are not worried about help nor firmness, the Terradora are a decent choice as they are delicate and adaptable.

Investigation and Test Results

Examination and Test Results

After we invested a long time on the trail climbing in each combine, with and without overwhelming packs, we assessed them in view of the most imperative criteria. We checked our solace level and the help that each model gave us and noticed the footing of each combine on an assortment of inclines and trail materials. We sprinkled around in streams and climbed in wet climate to perceive how adequately they kept our feet dry and thought about how damp with sweat we felt on hot and dry days also. Toward the finish, all things considered, we precisely inspected every one, searching for unordinary wear, and explored online client audits to search for toughness issues and examples. We've outlined the majority of our discoveries underneath to enable you to check which one is the correct climbing boot for you. Searching for an astoundingly stable model? Make a beeline for our Stability metric. Never need to wear a substantial match of cowhide boots again? Our Weight examinations will give you diverse choices.

The armada of ladies' climbing boots are a vivid group.

The armada of ladies' climbing boots are a vivid group.


Notwithstanding the majority of the testing criteria and execution measurements, something a large portion of us consider when making any buy is the cost. We regularly think about whether an item is "worth" what we are paying for it and if a bigger sticker price likewise implies better esteem? Here and there a higher cost improves quality materials, craftsmanship, and plan, yet regularly we can get a strong performing item for less. Subsequent to rating each match, we diagramed them with respect to their value (see outline beneath). Those items that end up on the "base" yet towards the privilege are awesome esteem picks, including our Best Buy champ, the Keen Targhee III Mid ($145), the Salomon X Ultra Mid III ($165), and the Vasque Monolith Ultra Dry ($130).


Weight is something imperative to consider when acquiring any bit of outside apparatus, however especially your footwear. The well-known adage that weight on the feet deciphers five-overlay on the back is pretty spot on, and who needs to feel hauled around their feet when climbing? While climbing boots are ordinarily heavier than climbing shoes, the distinction between the two classes is ending up less and less critical. This is extraordinary for those of us who like to climb in a full boot yet are not into the greatness of the models of days past. The outline underneath demonstrates the heaviness of each combine in the ladies' size 7.5 that we tried them in.

We thought about the heaviness of each combine on the trail also; while a few boots weighed short of what others, the lightest did not generally feel the most agile on. The best ladies' boots tried for the current year weighed somewhere in the range of 1.5 and 2.2 pounds, which is a lessening from earlier years, mirroring a pattern toward lighter boot plans. The honor winning HOKA ONE Tor Ultra beat the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid, in expansive part because of their light feel, while as yet giving the help and solace of a best climbing boot.

The Vasque Monolith and the Ahnu Sugarpine likewise scored high for their weight, each well under two pounds. Our lightest boot in this audit is the Teva Arrowood, which weighs just 1.3 pounds add up to. On the opposite end of the range, the strong Lowa Renegade and in addition the La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX and the Oboz Bridger Mid, each weigh around two pounds for each match (estimate 7). That is just a single pound for each foot, giving these boots a light vibe, even with the additional weight.


Boot bolster is controlled by sole solidness, padded sole development, curve support, and cutting edge adaptability. The stature of the boot likewise loans support to the lower legs and feet — the higher the lower leg shaft, the more steady and bolstered the lower legs will feel. This lower leg stature is the primary distinction between a climbing boot and a climbing shoe with respect to help. For tough trails where the lower leg is inclined to move, boots with generally high lower leg statures are ideal.

Strength is synonymous with help while climbing. The majority of the ladies' boots looked into have solid elastic soles unequipped for bowing the toe descending toward the foot sole area. This offers help on rough territory by restricting the twisting on rocks and roots. Boots like the Merrell Moab 2 Mid and the Teva Arrowood have low lower leg statures and offer less lower leg bolster. The Keen Terradora has a low lower leg stature and a delicate sole. Numerous climbers that have utilized the HOKA dreaded lower leg moving as a result of the curiously large sole, however the HOKA ONE Tor Ultra detours this issue by having lower leg bolster. When we wore the Tor Ultras, our feet felt stable on uneven territory, notwithstanding the tall bottoms.

Padded soles are the layer between the external sole and the insole. Boots frequently have shanks and plates either above or underneath the padded sole layers, including backing and steadiness. The shanks fill in as an obstruction from the effect on tough surfaces. These inward shanks make extra solidness that the elastic soles can't accomplish individually. Climbing shoes needn't bother with this unbending nature, yet rather offer adaptability that is reasonable for day climbing, so they don't have shanks. The general development of boots is more solid and stable than climbing shoes.

Curve bolster differs by foot. A few ladies may discover enough solace in the first insoles. Other ladies should alter by supplanting the first insoles with secondary selling insoles or orthotics. Contingent upon how level or articulated the curves of your feet are, varying levels of help will be vital. To stay away from foot issues and distress, precisely bolster the curves of your feet.

The Oboz Bridger Mid BDry has a hardened sole and offers bolster along these lines, yet for a few, this may be too firm to be in any way agreeable in the long haul. A comparable model that has somewhat less solidness is the Oboz Sapphire Mid. The Salomon X Ultra Mid 3 GTX scored high in the help metric, since they give padded lower leg bolster and in addition a reasonably firm sole, fulfilling them a medium between the ultra-solid OBoz and the lighter weight boots, similar to the Ahnu models.

The Columbia Redmond Mid is a standout amongst the most adaptable boots we tried. With short lower leg statures and an adaptable sole the boots are most appropriate for day climbing.

The Columbia Redmond Mid is a standout amongst the most adaptable boots we tried. With short lower leg statures and an adaptable sole the boots are most appropriate for day climbing.

Not at all like climbing shoes that are adaptable in the bottom and forefoot, boots should just offer adaptability in the forefoot. When you make a stride, your feet twist upward, wrinkling at your toes. This zone of the boot ought to suit your walk. The HOKA ONE Tor Ultras address this with their rockered sole plan. The larger than average sole is turned up at the toe and in the foot sole area. This impels you forward as you walk and enables the foot to flex normally as a result of the pad.

We appraised the help of every one of the 18 sets of ladies' boots in light of sole solidness, padded sole development, bleeding edge adaptability, and lower leg shaft bolster. We checked on them with and without rucksacks up to 40 pounds. Generally, the most strong contenders are the honor winning HOKA ONE Tor Ultras and the Lowa Renegade GTX Mid. For climbers searching for a ultra-hardened boot, look no more remote than the Oboz Bridger Mid BDry.

A quality climbing boot will offer lower leg bolster curve bolster and have durable meaty soles for shifted territory. An agreeable well-fitting pair will fill your heart with joy of climbing or exploring more charming.

A quality climbing boot will offer lower leg bolster, curve bolster, and have durable, muscular soles for fluctuated territory. An agreeable, well-fitting pair will fill your heart with joy of climbing or hiking more charming.


Tread on the bottoms of footwear acts comparatively to tread on a bicycle or auto tire. The example, separating, and profundity influence grippiness, security, and dealing with.

Tread designs that have dispersed hauls in factor designs oversee earth, sand, mud, and snow by driving them out from the base of the shoe. At the point when these aggregate on the base of shoes and boots, it is a consequence of poor tread plan and profundity (or there is a superior application). Semi-forceful to forceful tread designs are normal plan includes on the soles of boots.
alking here and there the lofty bone cones that linger out of sight clarified which boots were champs and which boots missed the mark.

Strolling here and there the lofty bone cones that linger out of sight clarified which boots were champs and which boots missed the mark.

Boots that got the most astounding scores in footing could stick to rocks and bone, handle well in wet and sloppy conditions, and shield the foot from flotsam and jetsam. The Ahnu Montara and the HOKA ONE Tor Ultra are made with Vibram elastic soles, which stick the best to stone chunks and rocks. The new La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX likewise had incredible footing with their Vibram bottoms and Impact Break System tread design. On and off trail, we assumed that the elastic on these boots would stick. Boots like the Vasque Mesa Trek UD and the OBoz Bridger Mid BDry have a forceful tread that gives most extreme footing. It regards consider the kinds of surfaces you travel over when taking a gander at the tread examples of various boots. By and large, the more profound haul profundities, similar to those on the Lowa Renegade GTX, the Keen Targhee III Mid, or the HOKA ONE Tor Ultra furnish more footing than boots with less forceful tread.

There are a wide range of tread examples and kinds of elastic utilized for the soles of these boots. These variables manage the manner in which they handle on bone free rock and soak territory.

There are a wide range of tread examples and sorts of elastic utilized for the soles of these boots. These variables manage the manner in which they handle on bone, free rock, and soak landscape.


Solace is the most vital thought for boots. On the off chance that you sense uneasiness in the fit, estimating, or execution of a couple of boots, you ought to think about different sizes, models, or styles. Agreeable boots will be more pleasant on the trail. Solace is a rating that will change exclusively. Somebody with a thin foot may never get a solid match (and along these lines feel a great deal of uneasiness) in a more extensive cut combine, similar to the Keen Targhee III Mid. Along these lines we have appraised each match of boots in light of generally speaking solace while noticing evident awkward plan highlights. We maintained our emphasis on insole and covering cushioning, comfort in help, materials, and how our feet felt after numerous miles on the trail.

The most agreeable boots in our armada were the HOKA ONE Tor Ultra Hi, however the Salomon X Ultra Mid 3 GTX were a nearby second, because of the cushioning around the tongue and lower leg. The Vasque Monoliths had a snappy break-in period while the HOKA ONE Tor Ultra had thick soles that stayed agreeable, even following quite a while of climbing. We found that few boots approached HOKA's solace and interesting plan. Past making our feet feel great, the additional cushioning in the HOKAs averted joint agony in the knees and hips that can erupt after miles on the trail.

The binding arrangement of the Bridger Mid bolts halfway for most extreme movability between the foot and lower leg.

The binding arrangement of the Bridger Mid bolts halfway for most extreme customizability between the foot and lower leg.

What isolates an agreeable boot from an awkward one? A great deal of it needs to do with help underneath. Numerous shoes that were lightweight in their plan, for example, the Merrell Capra Bolt and the Keen Terradora, needed help and pad in the sole and wound up excruciating after just a couple of long stretches of climbing. On the opposite end of the range were boots like the HOKA ONE Tor Ultras and OBoz Bridger Mid, which have fantastically thick soles.

A considerable measure of this boils down to individual inclination; a few people locate that stiffer soles give more solace, while others lean toward an adaptable shoe. Customizability in the binding framework adds to the general fulfillment. On a wide foot, both the Ahnu Montara and the OBoz Sapphire Mid are awkward, on the grounds that the bands are not flexible toward the toe of the shoe and the most stretched out piece of the foot. For a steady boot that is appropriate for a wide foot, attempt the Vasque Breeze III. The Lowa Renegade and the Vasque Mesa Trek UD, then again, has a binding framework that is movable and can be changed to give more help in the lower leg than the foot by the locking component at the flexing some portion of the foot.

Bands tied and feet secure for another trail day! We cherish the lightweight solace of this boot.

Bands tied and feet secure for another trail day! We adore the lightweight solace of this boot.

Water Resistance and Breathability

Water opposition is estimated by how dry our feet remained while presenting the boots to run of the mill trail wetness. We strolled each combine through brooks up to five creeps inside and out. We originally tried them while strolling from one side to the next without ceasing. The majority of the models in our audit succeeded. At that point, we inspected the water opposition when submerged in water while remaining set up. Inside several minutes in creeps of standing water, the majority of the boots started to retain water.

The higher lower leg shaft statures withstood further water intersections, as did the thicker soled boots, similar to the HOKA ONE Tor Ultra. Work framing on the Vasque Monolith is treated with Vasque's variant of GORE-TEX, called UltraDry. We observed these boots to be water safe, keeping water out amid stream intersections. The contenders with the best waterproof characteristics are the Salomon X Ultra Mid 3 GTX and all-cowhide boots, similar to the Lowa Renegade GTX, the OBoz Bridger BDry, and the La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX.

A 4.5" lower leg shaft tallness offers water obstruction through moving streams and rivulets. We adored the security of dry feet while climbing all through the Sierra.

A 4.5" lower leg shaft tallness offers water obstruction through moving streams and rivulets. We adored the security of dry feet while climbing all through the Sierra.

The GORE-TEX waterproof layers utilized in the Lowa Renegade and the Salomon Ultra are tantamount in breathability to the eVent liners in Ahnu items and additionally in the HOKA ONE Tor Ultra. These waterproof linings are likewise breathable. Albeit some trust that waterproof films confine breathability, we found that the majority of the linings were sufficient in keeping water out while keeping our feet devilish and dry. Breathable work boards on the sides of boots and tongues take into consideration wind current and help look after dry, agreeable conditions inside.

Calfskin models are more awkward than work and manufactured uppers generally found on climbing shoes, offering less breathability. The Keen Targhee III Mid give the insurance of a cowhide boot while having enough work to stay breathable, which separates them from other calfskin models in this audit. This is a fundamental thought for mid-summer climbing in sweltering atmospheres. In the event that you plan to climb for the most part in dry atmospheres and locales, a couple of boots that don't have a waterproof covering and have work on the uppers might be the best alternative. The vast majority of the models investigated are accessible in waterproof (GTX) and non-waterproof models.

When feet wind up wet, they are inclined to rankles and problem areas. In the event that you plan to climb in a locale that could get your feet wet, bring an additional combine of socks. Keeping your feet dry is supported by picking the best boots for your proposed utilizes and also seeing when your feet end up wet and taking care of them. Think about waterproof highlights and additionally breathability.


To get more fit in materials and development, you may find that there is likewise a misfortune in sturdiness. A full-cowhide boot will last longer than an engineered calfskin and work shoe. Lightweight boots require small in regards to a break-in period and are more agreeable while trekking long separations (when contrasted with a cumbersome heavyweight boot). These boots have a more extended life expectancy than a shoe, however they won't keep going as long as a heavyweight alternative. We are satisfied with the sturdiness of the majority of the models checked on and trust they can keep going for two or three seasons or progressively when seeing standard utilize.

In spite of the fact that we tried these boots for three months, rather than long periods of utilization on the trail, we got a smart thought of what boots would last longest without demonstrating huge wear. The models with all-cowhide uppers have a tendency to be more solid since they have less creases — the primary spot to demonstrate shortcoming. The Merrell Capra Bolt Mid and the Teva Arrowood, for instance, are developed totally of work and hinted at critical destroy very quickly of the crate. All calfskin boots, for example, the Lowa Renegade GTX, face wear much better.

Trail work or open air work expects footwear to be durable solid and fit for taking care of earth. The Keen Targhee II Mid turned into our go-to boot for working long days building trails in Tuolumne Meadows. We wore these boots without stopping for even a minute and they kept up their self-control and support.

Trail work or open air work, expects footwear to be durable, solid, and equipped for dealing with earth. The Keen Targhee II Mid turned into our go-to boot for working long days building trails in Tuolumne Meadows. We wore these boots without stopping for even a minute and they kept up their poise and support.


The nature of your boots will largy affect your capacity to appreciate a climb of any length. Notwithstanding, with numerous decisions accessible, finding the correct match that suits your sort and level of movement can be a dubious undertaking. We tried each model thoroughly in an assortment of settings and uses with expectations of helping you go to an educated decision. For extra tips on the most proficient method to get the correct boots for your feet, see our Buying Advice article.

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