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Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth

The Cowin E7 are spending clamor dropping earphones with an incredible remote range however average sound quality. They're respectable for most utilize cases yet tend to sound somewhat dull and stifled. On the upside, they have a respectably agreeable plan, a long battery life, and square a not too bad measure of clamor for driving. Sadly, their spending value appears in their assemble quality which feels somewhat shoddy on occasion.
Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Design Picture

The Cowin E7 have a better than average outline and fabricate quality yet feel somewhat shoddy. They're all around cushioned earphones that won't be as agreeable for all audience members since their headband doesn't stretch out sufficiently far to oblige distinctive head shapes and sizes. They're likewise somewhat massive and marginally tight for a few. On the upside, they have a decent yet marginally cramped control conspire, and the tight fit makes them generally steady. They won't be the perfect earphones for working out and more strenuous activities however they ought to be fine for easygoing listening sessions and even a light run.


Cowin E7 Design Picture 2

The Cowin E-7 look tolerably slick yet don't have the best form quality. They have a thick and all around cushioned headband that feels more top of the line than whatever remains of the plan. The ear containers are additionally similarly all around cushioned yet the plastic utilized in their assemble quality feels poor quality and bit shoddy. They likewise have a shiny complete which won't be for everybody.

6.5 Comfort

Cowin E7 Comfort Picture

Weight : 0.6 lbs

Clasping Force

: 1.1 lbs

The Cowin E7 are all around cushioned and fairly agreeable earphones yet the headband doesn't stretch out sufficiently far to suit all head sizes. They're generally lightweight and the cushioning utilized for the ear glasses and headband is delicate which lessens a portion of the clasping impact that these earphones have on a few audience members. They're not particularly awkward but rather in light of the fact that the headband doesn't reach out sufficiently far they will feel somewhat tight on a few heads.

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6.9 Controls

Cowin E7 Controls Picture

Convenience : Mediocre

Criticism : Above-normal

Call/Music Control : Yes

Volume Control : Yes

Mouthpiece Control : No

Channel Mixing

: N/A

Clamor Canceling Control : Yes

Talk-Through : No

Extra Buttons : No

The catch design for the Cowin E7 feels somewhat confined however conveys great criticism. They have responsive and clicky catches for volume control, call/music and skipping tracks. They additionally have a devoted change to empower Bluetooth and commotion dropping. Be that as it may, the confined design and the odd arrangement of the volume controls are not as natural and may set aside some opportunity to become acclimated to.


6.8 Breathability

Cowin E7 Breathability After Picture

Avg.Temp.Difference : 4.6 C

The Cowin E7 are sufficiently breathable for an over-ear outline. They will warm up your ears and make you sweat amid more extraordinary activities, however you can hear them out for over a hour amid easygoing listening sessions and not be excessively irritated by the temperature distinction. In any case, they won't be the perfect earphones for sports or extremely long listening sessions. For this situation, an in-ear or an open back earphone would be better alternatives.


6.0 Portability

Cowin E7 Portability Picture

L : 7.2 "

W : 7.2 "

H : 2 "

Volume : 104 Cu. Inches

Stand required : N/A

These earphones don't overlap to consume less room. They're on the bigger side for over-ear earphones with a marginally cumbersome plan that is not advantageous to bear on your individual. The ear mugs do lay level, yet it doesn't spare much space, so you will in all probability require a sack to bear them.


5.5 Case

Cowin E7 Case Picture

Sort : Pouch

L : N/A

W : N/A

H : N/A

Volume : N/A

The Cowin E7 accompany a fundamental pocket that will ensure the earphones against minor scratches however won't shield them from effects, drops, or water harm.

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6.5 Build Quality

Cowin E7 Build Quality Picture

The Cowin E7 have a normal form quality that feels somewhat shoddy. The headband is very much built with a metal edge for fortification. Be that as it may, the plastic utilized for the ear containers feels second rate and somewhat shoddy. They won't part from a couple of falls, however the ear mugs and pivots don't feel as sturdy as a portion of the ongoing spending earphones we've assessed in this value extend.


7.0 Stability

Cowin E7 Stability Picture

These earphones are better than expected stable. They have a moderately tight fit on a few heads which implies they won't move a considerable measure amid easygoing listening sessions and even a gentle run. Be that as it may, they are not sports earphones, because of their mass and size regardless they influence a ton amid strenuous exercises so they won't be the perfect earphones for running or working out. On the upside they're remote, so they won't get yanked off your head on the grounds that the link got snared on something.



Cowin E7 Cable Picture

Separable : Yes

Length : 3.9 ft

Association : 1/8" TRRS

These earphones accompany two links; a 1/8 TRS sound link and USB charging link.


Cowin E7 Top Picture

Headshots 1

Cowin E7 Angled Picture

Cowin E7 Side Picture

Headshots 2

Cowin E7 Front Picture

Cowin E7 Rear Picture

6.2 Sound

Cowin E7 Frequency Response

The Cowin E7 are a fair sounding pair of shut back over-ear earphones. They have a profound and broadened bass equipped for creating bangs and kicks and perform reliably over various clients. In any case, their bass tends to sound boomy, their mid range is sloppy and overwhelming, and their treble does not have a considerable measure of clearness and detail. Generally, they sound somewhat jumbled and mid-rangy, and vocals and lead instruments will do not have some nearness. Also, they don't have the most open and extensive soundstage, and their bending execution is about normal.

7.9 Bass

Cowin E7 Bass

Sexually transmitted disease. Blunder.

: 3.1 dB

Low-Frequency Extension

: 10 Hz


: 1.84 dB


: 2.0 dB


: 5.0 dB

The Cowin E7 have a decent bass execution. The low-recurrence expansion (LFE) of 10Hz shows a profound bass that expands well into bangs and thunders. Low-bass and mid-bass are generally level and inside 2dB of our objective reaction. This outcomes in a satisfactory punch and adjusted propagation of bass and kick instruments. Be that as it may, high-bass is overemphasized by 5dB making the general bass sound discernibly boomy.

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6.4 Mid

Cowin E7 Mid

Sexually transmitted disease. Blunder.

: 4.85 dB


: 6.05 dB


: 4.11 dB


: - 1.71 dB

The mid-go execution is unremarkable. Low-mid is overemphasized by more than 6dB. This is the continuation of the high-bass knock and makes vocals and lead instruments sound sloppy and thick. Mid-bass is likewise over our objective reaction, by 4dB which gives more accentuation to vocals, and conveys them to the front of the blend. The plunge around 2KHz damages the nearness and projection of lead instruments. The general tone of the mid-go is somewhat jumbled and sloppy, while without some nearness.

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3.5 Treble

Cowin E7 Treble

Sexually transmitted disease. Fail.

: 7.57 dB


: - 10.5 dB


: - 3.19 dB


: - 1.43 dB

The Cowin E7 have a poor treble range execution. The general reaction is fairly conflicting, which could result in an uneven treble. Low-treble demonstrates a 10dB need based on 3.5KHz contrarily influencing the nearness and verbalization of vocals and lead instruments. Mid-treble is a few dBs underemphasized, setting the general treble tone and brilliance only south of unbiased.

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Crude Frequency Response

Cowin E7 Raw FR L

Cowin E7 Raw FR R


8.4 Frequency Response Consistency

Cowin E7 Consistency L

Cowin E7 Consistency R

Avg. Sexually transmitted disease. Deviation

: 0.31 dB

The recurrence reaction consistency is brilliant. The Cowin demonstrated next to no difference in bass conveyance over our 5 human subjects. This could be because of their clamor dropping framework, like what we saw with the QuietComfort 35 and the WH-1000XM2. In the treble range additionally, the most extreme fluctuation underneath 10KHz is under 1dB. Generally speaking, they ought to have the capacity to convey reliable bass and treble over various re-seats and clients.


7.3 Imaging

Cowin E7 Group Delay

Cowin E7 Phase Response

Weighted Group Delay

: 0.21

Weighted Amplitude Mismatch

: 1.26

Weighted Frequency Mismatch

: 2.09

Weighted Phase Mismatch

: 23.28

The imaging is better than expected. The most extreme weighted gathering postponement of the Cowin is 0.21, which is truly great. It can likewise be found in the diagram that the gathering delay is always underneath our discernability limit. The ascent in the gathering delay beneath 20Hz isn't perfect, yet ought not be capable of being heard to most. Moreover, our test unit demonstrated nice coordinating between the L/R drivers. This assists with exact position and restriction of articles (like strides, voice, instruments) in the stereo picture.
The soundstage of the Cowin E7 is shoddy. The PRTF reaction doesn't exactly take after our reference speaker's in precision, size, or separation. Additionally, because of the shut back outline and dynamic clamor abrogation, their soudnstage won't feel as open and extensive as open-back earphones. The general soundstage of the E7 will be normal in estimate, however fair in separation and precision, which might be seen as unantural and situated in-side the audience's head.


6.6 Total Harmonic Distortion

Cowin E7 Distortion

Weighted THD @ 90

: 6.632

Weighted THD @ 100

: 5.086

The aggregate symphonious twisting execution of the E7 is about normal. The general reaction is fairly hoisted, particularly in the mid and treble reaches. This could have a little negative impact on the lucidity and virtue of those areas. On the in addition to side, the THD in the bass is inside better than average points of confinement, and there is anything but a noteworthy ascent in THD under overwhelming burdens.


6.8 Isolation

The Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling have a not too bad disconnection execution. They effectively drop surrounding commotion so you can utilize them amid your drives without getting occupied by all the clamor around you, particularly in case you're tuning in to music. They additionally make an adequately decent seal around your ears that doesn't release much, which makes them a better than expected choice to use in calmer settings. Notwithstanding, at sufficiently high volumes, they will be capable of being heard to the general population around you, and their to some degree OK disconnection won't be sufficient for especially loud conditions.

6.6 Noise Isolation

Cowin E7 Noise Isolation

Generally Attenuation

: - 17.85 dB


: - 7.5 dB


: - 13.23 dB


: - 33.15 dB


: 18.02 dB

The clamor detachment execution of the Cowin E7 is normal. The dynamic commotion dropping framework accomplishes around 8dB of decrease in the Bass Range which is beneath normal. This range is possessed by the thunder of plane and transport motors. In the Mid and Treble Ranges, for the most part involved by discourse, these earphones detach inactively utilizing their ear mugs, accomplishing 13dB and 33dB of decrease in the Mid and Treble Ranges separately. The two qualities are inside better than average cutoff points. Nonetheless, these earphones are a bit on the loud side, performing beneath normal in our self-clamor test.


7.2 Leakage

Cowin E7 Leakage

By and large Leakage @ 1ft

: 38.56 dB

The spillage execution of the Cowin E7 is OK. The huge part of spillage sits somewhere in the range of 300Hz and 3KHz which is a generally expansive range and it covers the greater part of the Mid Range. The outcomes in a spillage that sounds more full and more understandable than the spillage of in-ears and earbuds. Notwithstanding, the general level of spillage isn't too noisy. So the spillage ought not be an issue much of the time, except if you truly shoot the music in a tranquil domain.

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6.0 Microphone


: Yes In-line

: No Boom

: No Detachable Boom

: N/A

The execution of the Cowin E7's coordinated amplifier is unremarkable. Discourse recorded with the mic will sound rather thin and observably muted. Be that as it may, it will even now be sensibly understandable in calm conditions. In uproarious circumstances, be that as it may, they will battle to isolate discourse from encompassing clamor even in respectably noisy situations, for example, a bustling road.

6.0 Recording Quality

Cowin E7 Microphone Frequency Response

Recorded Speech





: 257.68 Hz

FR Std. Dev.

: 3.78 dB


: 2597.24 Hz

Weighted THD

: 10.262


: 37.05 dB

The coordinated amplifier of Cowin E7 have an average chronicle quality. The LFE (low-recurrence expansion) of 258Hz outcomes in recorded/transmitted discourse to sound thin. The HFE of 2.6KHz outcomes in a discourse that sounds perceptibly muted. In any case, the recorded/transmitted discourse would at present be sensibly understandable, since that is generally subject to the 500Hz-3KHz territory.


6.0 Noise Handling

Cowin E7 SpNR

Discourse + Pink Noise :



Discourse + Subway Noise :




: 10.79 dB

The clamor treatment of the E7's mic is average. In our clamor dealing with test, they accomplished a discourse to-commotion proportion of 11dB, which implies they will for the most part be appropriate for calm conditions and will battle to isolate discourse from foundation commotion even in tolerably noisy situations.


6.3 Active Features

The Cowin E7 have a long battery life that keeps going over 24 long periods of consistent playback however sets aside a touch of opportunity to charge. Tragically, they won't be the perfect earphones for watching motion pictures because of their generally high inertness.

7.0 Battery

Battery Type

: Rechargable

Battery Life

: 26 hrs

Charge Time

: 3.5 hrs

Power Saving Feature

: No

Sound while charging

: Yes

Uninvolved Playback

: Yes

The E-7 have a durable battery life yet a long charge time. In spite of the fact that they do give you around 45 minutes of playback from a 10 minutes charge, to charge them completely, you need to abandon them connected to for over 3 hours which isn't perfect. On the upside, they can be utilized totally latently, and they can keep playing sound while charging. Lamentably, they don't consequently kill to spare battery.

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0 App Support

Application Name : N/A

iOS : N/A

Android : N/A

Macintosh OS : N/A

Windows : N/A


: N/A

ANC control

: N/A

Mic Control : N/A

Room impacts

: N/A

Playback control

: N/A

Catch Mapping : N/A

Encompass Sound : N/A

The Cowin E-7 have no good applications. Look at the Sennheiser HD 4.50 for a decent commotion dropping earphone with an awesome adjustable application. Anyway they're significantly pricier than the Cowins.


6.0 Connectivity

The Cowin E7 have a decent remote range and accompany a customary sound link. This gives them a wired and remote association choice through Bluetooth and they're genuinely simple to combine with cell phones because of NFC bolster. They don't accompany a base/dock and sadly, they have a lot inactivity to be appropriate for gaming or watching motion pictures. Their inertness is about normal for most Bluetooth earphones which ought to be more than fine for sound however won't be perfect for watching a great deal of video content.

8.0 Bluetooth

Bluetooth Version : 4.0

Multi-Device Pairing

: No


: Yes

PS4 Compatible

: No

Xbox One Compatible

: No

The Cowin E7 are spending plan Bluetooth earphones that help NFC for simple matching with cell phones. Sadly, they can't combine all the while with different gadgets yet ought to be generally simple to match with one Bluetooth source.

7.2 Wired

Link Tested : Not OS particular


: Yes


: No

PS4 Compatible

: Audio Only

Xbox One Compatible

: Audio Only

PC Compatible

: Audio Only

The Cowin E7 accompany a sound link with no in-line remote or USB connector. this likewise implies they don't have a mic that is perfect with supports.

0 Base/Dock

Remote Type

: N/A

Optical Input

: N/A

Line In

: N/A

Line Out

: N/A

USB Input

: N/A

RCA Input

: N/A

PS4 Compatible

: N/A

Xbox One Compatible

: N/A

PC Compatible

: N/A

Power Supply

: N/A

Dock Charging

: N/A

The Cowin E7 don't have a base/dock. On the off chance that you need a flexible headset with a base that you can likewise utilize wired, look at the Arctis 7 by SteelSeries.

8.9 Wireless Range

Impeded Range

: 48 ft

Observable pathway Range

: 189 ft

The Cowin E7 have an extraordinary remote range that is appropriate for both inside and outside utilize. In coordinate observable pathway, they came to up to 180ft preceding any significant association drops, and notwithstanding when the Bluetooth source is deterred despite everything they had a better than expected scope of more than 45ft.

3.6 Latency

Default Latency

: 164 ms

aptX Latency

: N/A

aptX(LL) Latency

: N/A

These earphones have around 160ms of inactivity. While this is about normal for most Bluetooth earphones with no extra low dormancy codecs, it likewise implies they won't be perfect for watching recordings. In the event that you have to watch films either utilize them wired or get the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x for their wired association and great sound.

In the case

Cowin E7 In the case Picture

Cowin E7 Headphones

Conveying pocket

Sound link

USB link


Contrasted with different Headphones

Cowin E7 Compare Picture

The Cowin E7 are normal blended utilization earphones on account of their incredible remote range, better than expected battery life, and good clamor dropping. Be that as it may, they're not the most agreeable match of earphones and sound fair, best case scenario contrasted with a portion of the other spending earphones we've checked on.

Cowin E8


The Cowin E8 are preferable commotion dropping earphones over the Cowin E7. The E8 have a superior commotion dropping execution and are more agreeable than the E7. They additionally have less demanding to utilize controls and a superior adjusted sound in general. Then again, the E7 have more bass which a few audience members may lean toward. They likewise have a more drawn out battery life and bolster NFC so they're somewhat simpler to combine with your telephone.

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Mpow H5


TheMpow H5 are preferable spending commotion dropping earphone over the Cowin E7. The Cowins have abetter clamor dropping execution and a more drawn out battery life. They likewise have a softly clearer mic and a superior confinement execution generally speaking since they additionally release somewhat less. Then again, the H5 look and feel more premium, have better and less befuddling controls and furthermore have a more agreeable fit regardless of whether they're somewhat tight on the head. The Mpows likewise have much better solid.

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Mpow Bluetooth Over-Ear


The Mpow 059 are moreover

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