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Checkout The Best Rain Jacket for Women

You shouldn't trade off with regards to choosing a rain coat. Throughout a while, we explored different avenues regarding 10 of the best available, chose and bought in the wake of examining more than 45 models accessible from top makers. With numerous choices available and the critical expense of a quality model, our specialists directed comprehensive testing to figure out which contender will guarantee appropriate climate security for a considerable length of time to come. We tried over an expansive arrangement of measurements to decide the best in general, the best value for the money, and the best when light is correct. From Lake Tahoe to Red Rock, we climbed, kayaked, biked, and invested energy out in rainstorms so we can furnish you with the data you have to make the best determination.
A decent rain jacket is a vital piece of gear for just about everyone. Our review compares top models on the market  ranging from workhorse jackets to ultralight and packable models such as this one.
The rain assurance industry keeps on growing, with a wide assortment to browse. This spring, our specialists put 10 models to a definitive test, choosing an Editors' Choice, Best Buy, and Top Pick for Lightweight Adventures. We've likewise included outlines, including a cost to esteem correlation chart, so you'll have the capacity to look at each model.

Best Overall Rain Jacket

Open air Research Aspire - Women's

Editors' Choice Award


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Weight: 14.01 oz | Material: Gore-Tex with Paclite, polyester 50D plain weave

Agreeable and complimenting

Smooth outline

Remarkable ventilation

Phenomenal for both urban and boondocks utilize


Somewhat overwhelming/cumbersome

The Outdoor Research Aspire, which positioned very in each class, from water protection from pressed size, accompanies a considerable measure of fancy odds and ends. From its smooth, delicate texture and complimenting fit to outrageous waterproofing and generally light and minimal size, this coat emerged as the best by and large rain shell from among the best in its class. The Aspire offers driving water opposition with GORE-TEX to withstand the most driving precipitation. With fortified, fixed creases and water-safe zippers, and a movable hood, cinchers around the hips, and both flexible and Velcro to seal around your wrists, no water is getting in this terrible kid. What's more, as a reward, the flexible force tabs on the hood have a position of safety and are built with the end goal that you will never lose them inside the hood.

For included breathability, this coat even accompanies full side zips and a twofold zipper in the front. On those occasions when the rain is coming straight down, yet it's as yet hot outside, you can zip those children up and get wind stream all around your middle to keep you cool and moving while at the same time mirroring the rain. With liberal pockets and an additional zip take on the arm to keep little hardware on the prepared, this coat likewise offers a stuff sack take that it flashes into. While its most minimal rating was for weight (at 14.01 oz, it positioned at about the center of the range for the coats tried), it just took up around 107 cubic inches when put away in its stuff sack, making it sensibly conservative by and large.

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Best Bang for the Buck

Marmot PreCip - Women's

Best Buy Award


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Weight: 9.41 oz | Material: NanoPro, nylon ripstop, DWR treatment


Water safe



Less tough and up-to-date

Coming in at just $100, the Marmot Precip settled on the rundown as our decision for Best Buy. This coat gives you the most value for your coat purchasing money. Offering NanoPro™ innovation, folds to cover the zipper on both within and outside, and completely taped creases, the PreCip positioned among the most noteworthy in waterproofness. It likewise offers conveniences like an extensive customizable hood that moves into the neckline, for when the rain stops and you need to lessen mass, and armpit flashes for included breathability.

For included solace, this coat touts a DriClime lined jaw watch. It likewise demonstrated exceptionally lightweight at only 9.41 ounces and generally packable at a little more than 136 cubic inches. Also, positioning in at only a hair behind the Aspire, this coat is a take at not as much as a large portion of the cost and nearly a similar execution. It ranked lower in sturdiness, so it is to a lesser degree a long haul venture — yet for the time being, it will keep you dry and agreeable while seeking after your decision of experience.

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Top Pick Ultralight

Outside Research Helium II - Women's

Top Pick Award


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Weight: 5.82 oz | Material: 2.5 layer Pertex Shield DS extend 30D ripstop nylon

Lightest coat tried

Profoundly packable

Not exceptionally water safe

Insignificant additional highlights

Superb for hiking, climbing, and general travel, the Outdoor Research Helium II was hands-down the best in general coat for lightweight travel, scoring at the highest point of the outlines in weight, positioning in at a measly 5.82 ounces, and pressed size at only 60.75 cubic inches. It additionally positioned among the best coats in solace and breathability. Be that as it may, the Helium II positioned at the base of the scale in waterproofness, engrossing water in a storm more than it repulsed it.

Notwithstanding ending up sopping wet in a deluge, this coat will likewise not help you in extremely blustery or chilly conditions, as it doesn't give any protection nor a high level of wind obstruction. By the by, it is incredible for a climb in the early mornings or on multi day with unusual climate amid the spring, summer, or fall or on multi day when light rain or fog is in the estimate, particularly on the off chance that you need to keep your heap insignificant. Indeed, you can essentially wrap this child up in its stuff sack and connect it by a carabiner to your waist band on the off chance that you truly need to movement light. Also it offers a high level of solace while hitting the trail with no additional highlights to include squeeze purposes of cause any scraping, especially with its delicate, smooth texture. As an essential shell without any chimes or shrieks, this can't be beat for voyaging light.

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Outstanding for Torrential Downpours

The North Face Venture 2 - Women's


at Backcountry

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Weight: 10.34 oz | Material: 2.5 layer 40D DryVent, nylon ripstop



Inhales well

Sturdiness concerns

Not as packable

The North Face Venture 2 came in at a nearby third behind the Aspire and PreCip, positioning better on weight and somewhat low on breathability and toughness when contrasted with the Aspire and barely short of the PreCip on stuffed size. With normal weight and beneath normal pack estimate, this shell isn't for the ultralight packer, however it performed incredibly well in water obstruction, keeping you dry in even the most exuberant storm. Truth be told, it firmly coordinated the best positioning coats in many territories, with its additional breathability supplemented by conveniences, for example, pit zips and ventilation innovation. Additionally, it offers minimization highlights like an inherent stuff sack stash with carabiner circle, so you can store it or join it to the outside of your pack or waist band.

This coat meets and surpasses the majority of the desires you may have for a rain shell in its value go, giving the moderateness of the PreCip with a great part of the usefulness. In general, it came in at a nearby third and would be an extraordinary alternative for the thrifty outside aficionado confronting harsh climate or only to wear around town amid a rainstorm.

Examination and Test Results

Numerous purchasers accept all rain coats will repulse rain similarly and that is the essential factor one must consider when acquiring a coat for rain assurance. Nonetheless, not all coats are made equivalent with regards to waterproofness, and there are an assortment of different elements that can truly get in your gizzard on the off chance that you don't think about them before making your overcoat ventures. Simply envision setting out on a week+ long hiking trip through a rainforest or up a climate inclined mountain just to find that the coat you chose has pit zips that scrape your armpits or a larger than usual hood that takes off with every whirlwind.
This is the reason we altogether tried not just the water obstruction of every one of these best positioning precipitation coats, however a few different measurements also. We tried the breathability of every one of the coats to ensure you don't go out from warm depletion while climbing or paddling crosswise over land or ocean. We additionally broke down their toughness, so you don't have a cataclysmic disappointment while out in the wild, and we tried stuffed size and weight, so you know precisely what's in store when you toss your coat into your backpack or daypack. At long last, and maybe in particular, we evaluated the solace of each rain coat, so you don't squander your chance or cash purchasing a coat you never wind up wearing, since it simply doesn't fit easily.

We chose from among the most noteworthy appraised coats from industry driving brands that range from ultra-lightweight to three-season heavyweight models and ran them through an array of tests to enable you to choose which one will work best for your necessities. Beneath, you will discover more data about our testing strategies and measurements and how the coats performed in every class.

We chose ten of the best ladies' rain coats and tried them out to figure out which positioned the best in an assortment of classes.

We chose ten of the best ladies' rain coats and tried them out to figure out which positioned the best in an assortment of classifications.


Regularly, we pick grant champs in view of specialties or the best generally speaking. We likewise incorporate a Best Bang for the Buck champ, which gives a high cost to esteem proportion. Beneath we've incorporated a diagram which subtle elements each model in our armada, and in addition where they fall on our value examination outline. Models that fall toward the base right of the diagram offer the most astounding cost to esteem proportion.

Water Resistance

With an assortment of innovations, running from GORE-TEX and NanoPro to Pertex and Dryvent, each touting its own particular waterproofing benefits, the water opposition of the textures and outlines of rain coats has a, maybe, obvious level of variety. Notwithstanding texture innovation, the waterproofness of a coat is likewise bolstered by the subtle elements, for example, zipper folds, crease seals, hood size, and fixing ties, Velcro, and flexible, to keep out multi-directional beating precipitation and whirlwinds. Keeping in mind the end goal to test the water opposition of every one of the chose rain coats, we took them out into the field, helped by a progression of tempests that went through the Tahoe zone amid our testing period.

Given the changeability of rain conditions on a given day, we additionally adopted a logical strategy, and after some wear and tear, we brought the coats into our open air lab and showered them with a hose from an assortment of bearings and at an assortment of weights. What we found is that a significant number of the waterproof shells, for example, the North Face Venture 2 and Outdoor Research Aspire II performed reliably well, giving full-middle, arm, and head security when completely secured (all tighteners and ties completely fixed). On the opposite end of the scale, the outlines of the REI Rhyolite and Columbia Arcadia II permitted water in at the hood and sleeves and hinted at some porousness in the body. What's more, the Outdoor Research Helium II totally fizzled the test, wetting more regrettable than a standard coat.

Each rain coat used its own particular blend of waterproofing innovation to help keep you dry and moving.

Each rain coat used its own mix of waterproofing innovation to help keep you dry and progressing.


With regards to waterproof textures, issues, for example, buildup and dampness catching can end up significant inconveniences, alongside expanding body warm like a plastic perspiration suit. Hence, breathability is a noteworthy worry for both enabling warmth and dampness to exit on one hand, and keeping cold breezes and dampness from entering on the other. We tried the breathability of each coat by climbing in every one of the coats to get a general feeling of their capacity to keep cool ventilate and furthermore let body warm departure, and we analyzed the coats next to each other by utilizing a curved under reliable conditions after a warm-up in the controlled condition of a rec center.

There were two alternatives for ventilation zips. The Outdoor Research Aspire offered zippers that kept running up the sides of the coat to enable the client to get full side ventilation to avert overheating with a poncho-like plan in return for security against whirlwinds or sideways rain. The other style of ventilation zip was the underarm zipper, for example, on the Marmot Precip. This enables the client to give cooler air access to the coat with almost no forfeit to water obstruction, since this is in a more concealed bit of the coat. Different coats, for example, the North Face Venture 2 utilize a work lining, so the external texture doesn't stick to you and to help enhance wind stream inside the shell, keeping you cooler longer, even while endeavoring or in moist conditions.

At the point when the climate is variable you need to rest guaranteed that your rain coat will both keep you dry and keep you cool while out on the trail.

At the point when the climate is variable, you need to rest guaranteed that your rain coat will both keep you dry and keep you cool while out on the trail.


There is an extensive variety of texture comfort among these coats with the REI Rhyolite falling at the base of this rundown, with its solid, crimped texture.

The Mammut Wenaha and Outdoor Research Aspire made the highest priority on the rundown with their delicate, smooth texture that feels awesome on your skin and enables you to move uninhibitedly. The last two additionally had the most complimenting and adaptable fit.

The more extravagant accessories a coat offers the more you can alter the shell to fit to your solace.

The more extravagant accessories a coat offers, the more you can change the shell to fit to your solace.


Weight is vital in the event that you are a ultralight climber. We've made some amazing progress from the substantial full-outline canvas rucksacks and thick, rubber treated slickers, and with the pattern of ultralight explorers pressing just a daypack for medium-term trips, weight has increased significantly more significance while considering which rigging to buy. Gratefully, with the expansion in texture and gear advancements, you never again need to forfeit solace and weight for usefulness, effortlessly pressing all that you have to keep up your walk and remain dry for frequently under 35 pounds. We measured every one of the coats and contrasted them with every producer's expressed weights to guarantee precision.

With regards to the rain coats we tried, the Outdoor Research Helium II is by a wide margin the lightest and most reduced of the coats, at just 1/2 to 1/3 the heaviness of whatever is left of the coats, however what you gain in conveyability, you lose in usefulness. With just a single pocket, which on the in addition to side serves as a stuff sack, and little breeze and no water insurance, this coat would serve better as a light shell instead of an overcoat appropriate for a storm.

Be that as it may, numerous clients would prefer not to forfeit capacity keeping in mind the end goal to eliminate ounces, so finding a decent harmony among weight and usefulness is critical. There are couple of things more terrible than tromping through the forested areas while chilly and sopping wet. Our proposal for voyagers who need to hold their weight down is the Marmot Precip, which positioned second in the weight classification, tipping the scales at 9.41 ounces while as yet giving brilliant water obstruction and solace and positioning high in movability. This coat won't burden you excessively and will give the majority of the security you ought to anticipate from a top of the line overcoat to keep you moving and dry.

We measured every one of the rain coats to enable you to decide the correct shell for your undertakings from day outings to ultralight exploring.

We measured every one of the rain coats to enable you to decide the correct shell for your undertakings, from day treks to ultralight exploring.

Pressed Size

Regardless of whether you are anticipating taking a fourteen day exploring trip or simply taking off for the day, accommodating your coat effortlessly into a full-outline rucksack or hydration pack makes your life simpler and gives you additional room in your pack for different basics, for example, additional water or backwoods extravagances. Additionally, since genuine explorers, kayakers, and hikers frequently accept a coat as a fair on the off chance that measure, you need to ensure that this bit of hardware, which you may not in any case utilize, does not add excessively mass to your outing.
A portion of the coats we tried, for example, the Patagonia Torrentshell incorporate their own stuff packs of shifting sizes, some with circles, so you can append them to the outside of your pack with a carabiner, which gives an additional layer of conveying accommodation. What's more, similarly as with the weight classification, the Outdoor Research Helium II again positioned most elevated in the pressed size class, coming in at just 60.75 cubic inches when concealed in its pocket sack, making it ideal for a touch of included climate security flighty days or while progressing from morning dew to night breezes.

A portion of the rain coats pressed down into their own pockets for included compactness.

A portion of the rain coats pressed down into their own pockets for included compactness.

The Arct'teryx Beta SL and Mammut Wenaha positioned most reduced in this classification with their moderately firm textures, as they organized water opposition over packability. In the event that you need an extraordinary harmony among usefulness and minimization, the Outdoor Research Aspire positioned second in pressed size and at the best in water obstruction, enabling you to convey this coat in any size pack while resting guaranteed that you will stay dry and agreeable should you require it.


While hard to decide in only a couple of months, we did our best to test the strength of these coats by taking them out on the trails, the water, and wearing them around town. We additionally tried the creases with torsion and weight, and the REI Rhyolite dominated the competition with its apparently indestructible, hard texture, however what you gain in toughness, you lose in comfort, as it feels like you are wearing defensive layer. A superior equalization is the Outdoor Research Aspire II or the Mammut Wenaha with their strengthened, fixed creases and thick, yet delicate texture, which will give water protection from numerous undertakings.

In the event that you do encounter a disappointment, Patagonia and Outdoor Research offer a lifetime ensure, where you can exchange any thing, regardless of how worn, for the lifetime of the item, enabling you to sit back and relax when spending a great deal of cash for those items. Some different organizations, similar to The North Face, offer constrained guarantees if there should be an occurrence of assembling shortcomings.

Fixed creases included water repellence as well as included solidness through support.

Fixed creases included water repellence, as well as included solidness through support.


Testing out the Helium II in genuine conditions similarly as a tempest came in South Lake Tahoe.

Testing out the Helium II in genuine conditions similarly as a tempest came in South Lake Tahoe.

Picking the great, especially on the off chance that you are influencing a noteworthy speculation, to can appear to be overwhelming. In the event that you make the correct choice for you, you'll have a trusty bit of hardware that will last you for a considerable length of time and go with you on an assortment of undertakings. Water opposition is key while choosing a rain coat, yet you should likewise think about solace, fit, sturdiness, and various different elements to stay away from purchaser's regret later on not far off. Ideally, our audits have helped you select from among the first class coats available today, so you can pick the best coat for your requirements, regardless of whether you are climbing the boondocks, going for a walk around the forested areas, scaling up the side of a mountain, kayaking down a seething stream, or just window shopping nearby. To discover more about selecting the best rain shell for your requirements, look at our Buying Advice Article.

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