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The Best 17 Skateboards Wheels

Regardless of whether you are looking for skateboard wheels at your skate shop or on the web, it can get really overpowering.


All things considered, they come in various sizes and hues, which can befuddle you.

Be that as it may, don't stress, I'm here to enable you to pick your optimal ones…

What's more, indeed, this isn't another article that discussions about the historical backdrop of wheels – in no way, shape or form!

We will examine top 17 skateboard wheels for extreme cruising background in 2017!

17 Best Skateboard Wheels Review

Here are a portion of the best performing skateboard wheels of 2018 that will improve your execution and give you an extraordinary riding knowledge on your skateboard.

We have spent a few days to haul out the best suggestions for you, so you don't put resources into the wrong item.

Firecracker Bighead 51mm White W Blue

Firecracker Bighead 51mm White W Blue
Spitfire Bighead 51mm White W Blue
The Spitfire Bighead are the wheels you can trust. These are hand poured and made in the USA from the best quality materials. In the event that you frequently confront deformity issues with your skateboard wheels, Spitfire won't disillusion you.

In addition to the fact that they are made to last more, however they likewise accompany a certification against all assembling abandons.

With your buy, you will get an arrangement of 4 wheels with a beautiful treaded surface, 51mm breadth and 99a durometer with a wide profile. This implies these are the hard ones with more speed and less grasp.

Despite the fact that they have a high durometer, still the width guarantees better footing and steadiness at rapid. There is no way that you slip out of your line.

Their treaded surface enhances its grasp on smooth surfaces, which if there should be an occurrence of hard wheels is truly intense.

Likewise, its 99a durometer makes them ideal for pools and stops. In the event that you are a tolerably talented rider, these are the things you requirement for your skateboard.


51mm measurement which is ideal for fledglings

99a durometer offering better speed and footing

Wide profile gives more grasp

Comes in delightful white and imperial blue shading which looks colorful under the board


No downsides

Check cost in Amazon

Pig Wheels Head Blue

Pig Wheels Head Blue

Pig Wheels are presumably the best skateboard wheels' cash can purchase. They are harder with a 100 durometer and is wrapped with ice white polyurethane which gives it a decent take a gander at your board.

They have a major Pig logo and are accessible in the scope of 50mm and as much as 60mm. What's great is the sticker price that influences them to emerge from its rivals.

Since they utilize a notched surface, it brings about better footing, speed and soundness. Despite the fact that different organizations do give items the scored surface, the cost is high. That is the reason I would prescribe running with Pig wheels.

Likewise, they have an extremely more extensive width when contrasted with standard ones. Regardless of whether you are riding at a rapid, you'll get greatest solidness and control and won't slip out of your line.

They are ideal for pool or bowl.

The S-4 shape makes them ideal for cruising. Regardless of whether you are a road skater or adores to plunge in the pool, these wheels are made for you.



101A durometer

Normal shading

Awesome speed and footing with security


Not useful for novices

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Smaller than expected Logo Skateboards C-Cut 53mm 101A

Smaller than expected Logo Skateboards C-Cut 53mm 101A

One of the best quality skateboard wheels made to give you incentive to your cash. They have a super-high bounce back equation which gives it better footing and speed. The high-bounce back and dependable urethane give it a superior execution.

These are C-Cut wheels at an extremely sensible cost and are ideal for specialized road skating. The skinnier profile and a hard durometer scale obviously gives a sign that they are made for the ace riders.

Know that they accompany a restricted profile, in this manner offering insignificant footing and made for just propelled riding. Be that as it may, the treaded surfaces guarantee better grasp on smooth surfaces.

The mix of its elite urethane with basic realistic makes Mini Logo items the best available.


High caliber with high-bounce back and enduring urethane

A-Cup shape for all territories and C-Cut shape for cutting edge specialized skating

Accompanies a lifetime guarantee against all assembling absconds

Made for expert players who have encounter skating on thin profiled


Extremely limited, not for learner or halfway riders

Check cost in Amazon

ABEC 11 Freeride Centerset Green

ABEC 11 Freeride Centerset Green

The spot on wheels made to offer ultra-quick free riding background. They accompany a more extensive profile and a 39mm contact fix with a symmetrical shape and highlight better wear qualities for a more extended life expectancy.

The lip profile is really round and more extreme walled in the meantime. This gives your wheel product equally the distance down profoundly.

On the off chance that you need to flip them around and product down, it is truly simple. Likewise, along these lines wheels will offer a similar execution as a result of the middle set bearing center.

These things have set the standard for ALL free riding wheels. Ideal for an overall longboard, cruising, cutting, slicing and sliding.

By and large, these wheels offer a smooth ride with better grasp and steadiness.


Quick, smooth and drifty

More extensive contact fix for controlled floats

Longer life expectancy

Made to ride on all sort of territories



Check cost in Amazon

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue
Powell Peralta are known for their quality manufactured, soundness and footing. Their items are ideal for cruising, skate parks and shenanigans. Since they are quite delicate, they are immaculate to participate in silliness.

This one uses characteristic equation and highlights a wide profile for better strength and adjust. The general wheels of Powel Peralta accompany a 90a durometer aside from dark which has a 85a.

Additionally, they are smooth, which implies there is less surface grating and this makes them less demanding to slide. The treaded surface has more surface erosion, and in this manner they don't slide effectively.


60mm size which is ideal for the professional players

90a hardness, influencing it to quick

44mm width for better soundness at quick speeds

Ideal for parks, avenues, pool, and so on


No disadvantages

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Shark Wheel California Roll

Shark California Roll

Make proper acquaintance with the reexamination of the wheel. These are a propelled adjustment of the exemplary longboard. The standard wheels we use to see are round fit as a fiddle, yet these are squared shape yet insightfully designed. Shark Wheels likewise showed up on Shark Tank, and from that point they got the lift.

While you may feel that theys can be rough or not smooth to ride, they are really smoother than the traditional things and three times quicker.

Also, these squared wheels offer more grasp, sliding control, more noteworthy footing and are impeccable rain and rock ones.

In this way, in the event that you are interested to try out this reexamination of wheels, simply ahead and attempt it today. You will love purchasing these.


60mm distance across which makes them ideal for ace players

78a durometer

Three times quicker and stable

Awesome for unpleasant landscapes and wet conditions


Marginally costly

Check cost in Amazon

Firecracker Classic Series High-Performance

Firecracker Classic Series High Performance

This great arrangement of 4 wheels from Spitfire come in 10 unique hues to look over. It includes a 51mm measurement and 101a durometer making it additional quick and hard in the meantime.

Despite the fact that these wheels may not be appropriate for a specific situation like a restricted or wide wheel, they are ideal for a large portion of the circumstances. It has all the more a traditional shape and is solely made for the tenderfoot riders.

Since their surface is smooth, there is less grating when contrasted with the treaded wheels. Henceforth they are simpler to slide. Just on the off chance that you want to do some insane dazes with your skateboard, these items are for you.

What influences them to emerge from its rivals is the Formula Four Urethane. It offers a one of a kind scraped area impervious to less level spots. That, as well as get more grasp, enduring rate and a smooth against smooth slide which gives you the best skateboarding background ever.

At long last, its great shape is something worth specifying. Do they offer more speed, as well as gain greatest power amid those sharp turns and downhill rides.


Durometer run 99a-101a

Hand poured with an exemplary shape

100% made in the USA frame the best quality materials

Certification against any assembling abandons


While it slides entirely great, in the event that you adore the powerslide, you'll be frustrated

Check cost in Amazon

Ricta, Clouds 78a

Ricta, Clouds 78a

Ricta offers super bouncy and quick wheels which roll easily finished the roughest territories. The cutting edge shapes make them light in weight and very little massive. On the off chance that you adore cruising around the town, require a most extreme hold on the sharp turns and play out some insane skateboard stunts, these things are ideal for you.

Its standard shape makes it ideal for all landscapes and furthermore makes them reasonable for the novice riders.

They likewise include a glossy covering at first glance, otherwise called skin or form discharge, which includes more grasp and footing while you ride.

The wheels come in the accompanying hues and durometer extend:

Dark or Red Duotone: 86A

White or Red: 86A

Dark or Blue Duotone: 78A

Gem Blue: 78A

Perfectly clear: 78A

Gem Red: 78A

White or Blue: 78A

The distance across ranges from 52mm to 60mm. Pick shrewdly according to your aptitudes.


Comes in different hues

Breadth and durometer extend accessible for various riders

Reasonable cost

Assurance against any assembling deserts


Somewhat costly

Check cost in Amazon

Everland 65x51mm

Everland 65x51mm

These are a one of a kind sort of wheels that seem alluring in the plain first sight. The smooth plan comes in different hues and has a 51mm measurement. They are sufficiently solid to deal with flips and cornering.

On the off chance that you are a successive road skater, at that point you should have the Everland's items. This arrangement of 4-wheels are made of fantastic polyurethane material which guarantees a decent grasp, amazing stun assimilation and expands the life expectancy of the wheels.

In general, these things are promising and would give you a decent riding background.


Comes in set of 4 cruiser wheels

Tough and durable

Accessible in excess of 12 hues

Ideal for tenderfoots and middle of the road


They have an extremely strange synthetic like smell

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Ace Skateboard Wheels (White)

Ace White

The Pro Skateboard Wheels arrives in an unadulterated sparkling White shading and have their very own marvelousness. They arrive in an arrangement of 4 and are accessible in the measurement 53mm and 54mm as it were. So, they are ideal for the amateur riders.

With regards to execution out and about, the Pro Skateboard items are of no special case. Greatly tough and they feel like professional. What's best about these items is their low sticker price. In under $20, you get a portion of the best things for your skateboard.

Since they are made for tenderfoot riders, don't expect control slide, however they can deal with the power slides, this would bring about a speedy wear or chip.


Extraordinary white shading


Ideal for fledglings

101a durometer, which makes them quick and grippier


Not made for some insane tricks and traps

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Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Cruising

Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Longboard Cruising

With a really substantial center, Orangatang Kegel are known for their vast measurement race wheels. A huge 88mm tall and 56mm wide, this thing has the ability to move over any landscape and offer you the best grasp.

They utilize urethane which keeps you from slipping out of the path.

Since it has a monstrous breadth, you get additional speed, the adjust of footing and slide reaction. Its cantilevered external lip embraces the street firmly and you ain't losing your adjust. Additionally, the shorter internal lip has an unpretentious internal slope, influencing them to ideal for race footing and some cool floats.

Its profound valley-molded cross area merits saying here as it decreases weight while giving better speeding up, force and fresh slides.

They have been verified throughout the years for their toughness and execution. You'll get the best hold and footing with this arrangement of four under your skateboard.


Best downhill longboard

Offer most extreme speed and hold

Can move over anything

Most extreme footing

Upbeat urethane with expansive steady center


They chip effectively if utilized excessively on unpleasant landscapes

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Orangatang In Heat 75 mm Downhill Cruising

Orangatang In Heat 75 mm Downhill Longboard Cruising

The 75mm model of Orangatang has an entirely hard profile with sharp edges made of hold and thick lips that assistance keep up the speed. You'll likewise discover undulated inward dividers that go about as dynamic vitality return on those sharp turns or while pumping.

They have been intended to keep up grasp and have an exceptionally smooth feel on almost a wide range of territories.

They don't slide right of the case as a result of the firm grasp and sharp edges. You need to ride them a bit to make them effortlessly slide.

In the event that you need all the more sliding wheels, I would suggest attempting the Freeride. These Orangatang wheels are made for speedboarding in fast and harsh street courses as a result of their size and width of the contact fix.

By and large, they offer extraordinary execution, solidness, footing and hold with the street. On the off chance that you want to ride your skateboard at fast, these things are ideal for you.


Flexible longboard

Quick and all around adjusted, so you don't slip out of path

Most extreme footing and made with upbeat urethane

Solid and steady center that keeps up your adjust


No disadvantages

Check cost in Amazon

Firecracker Bighead 52mm

Firecracker Bighead 52mm

Expect no not as much as an extraordinary execution from these 52mm Spitfire Bighead that come in seven wonderful hues and outlines.

They are made in the USA and accompany an assurance against any assembling absconds.

The surface is influenced exchanged with a wide wheel to profile and 99a durometer, so you get greatest speed, footing and grasp while out and about.

This durometer is really ideal for pools, parks, boulevards and roads and in a perfect world ideal for the respectably talented riders.


Propelled urethane made

Strong, quick and embraces on the ground so you don't slip out your path

Certification against all assembling deserts

Ideal for amateurs and modestly gifted riders


Not useful for master players who require additional footing

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Firecracker Formula 4 101d Classic 53mm White W Red

Firecracker Formula 4 101d Classic 53mm White W Red

Another great outline from Spitfire with a scope of cool hues and plan choices to browse.

They have an exemplary shape and are impeccable to use in the greater part of the circumstances. The surface is made smooth, so there is less surface contact when contrasted with treaded ones.

The key component here is the Formula Four Urethane, offering an unmatched scraped area opposition, so there are less level spots and more hold as you accelerate.

Generally speaking, they have a thin riding surface, made for speed and greatest control and worth your cash.


Equation Four Urethane for better grasp and more speed

Great shape

Smooth surface



No downsides

Check cost in Amazon

Santa Clause Cruz Skateboards Slime Balls Neon Green

Santa Clause Cruz Slime Balls Neon Green

Santa Clause Cruz might be the costly things, yet they merit contributing. They utilize a unique shape, urethane recipe, warpaint designs, logo and trademark and a one of a kind equation that improves the execution.

Santa Clause Cruz ensures that their items don't likewise chip any coning, no bearing seat extend, no softening and no speed misfortune by any stretch of the imagination.

The durometer is 97a, which may appear somewhat less however don't give the numbers a chance to trick you. These wheels have an astonishing pace, footing and hold when moving over any landscape.

The surface is made smooth, making it simpler to slide so you can play out your insane skateboard stunts.


Assurance for no chip, wear and coning

Brilliant NEON Green shading that sparkles oblivious

Extraordinary speed, footing and hold

Hard with a smooth surface for simple sliding


Marginally costly

Check cost in Amazon

Ricta Clouds 86a

Ricta Clouds 86a

The Ricta Skateboard aren't your ordinary skateboard equip. These are super bouncy and amazingly quick, making it feasible for you to ride easily on the roughest surfaces.

With a cutting edge shape, these wheels are thin and lightweight and ideal for taping and cruising around the city.

Their smooth surface with a gleaming covering is made for grasp and footing, so you take full advantage of your skateboard riding.

The main thing you'll lament is that you didn't get them when you had the shot.


To a great degree smooth for better grasp and footing

Super bouncy and quick

Present day shape with a smooth surface and glossy covering



Check cost in Amazon

Firecracker Bighead 53mm White W Green

Firecracker Bighead 53mm White W Green

Last however not the minimum are the Spitfire Bighead (Set of 4) with a 53mm width and 99a durometer for hardness, speed, footing and grasp with the street.

These are made to give you the best skateboarding knowledge of your life.

The additional width makes sliding simple, as well as keeps up your adjust on the sharp turns.

A high-level urethane is utilized as a part of the assembling of these ones for a super smooth ride in the city and to keep all sort of wear and tear for its life span.


53mm distance across

99a durometer

Additional speed, footing and grasp

Assurance against all assembling abandons


Transportation takes too long

Check cost in Amazon

Step by step instructions to Install Skateboard Wheels

In this way, I'm almost certain my proposals have helped you in finding the best skateboard wheels.

What about figuring out how to introduce them on your skateboard?

Indeed, take after the directions beneath.

Right off the bat, we'll begin by expelling the old ones. The entire methodology must be finished with outrageous care since you would prefer not to harm any of the parts supporting the wheels. Else, it would destroy the skateboard or cost you additional bucks for repair.

Here is a video that I suggest. The person (KIRA) in the video clarifies how you can put in new wheels on your skateboard effortlessly.

Do watch it folks; it's solitary 5-minutes however justified regardless of your chance.

Step by step instructions to Choose Skateboard Wheels

life systems

All things considered, we as a whole know the cutting edge skateboard wheels are made out of polyurethane.

Be that as it may, before you make arrange, it is basic to see how to pick your skateboard wheels.

In this way, here is a standout amongst the most thorough aides that will make you stride by-step and disclose what things to search in for when purchasing great ones.



The most essential interesting point is the distance across of a skateboard wheel.

It is estimated in millimeters (mm).

The typical range in mm you'll discover available is 50-75mm.

A wheel which is little in size will give you a slower ride, and more generous ones will go quick.

Since the distance across is specifically corresponding (goodness my material science learning..) to the speed of your board, they additionally influence how rapidly you can quicken and how pointedly the board can turn.

To give you a superior thought of how a specific range will influence your execution, here is a snappy correlation.

50-53mm: These are viewed as the littlest skateboard wheels. Ideal for novices and offer the security for trap riding

54-59mm: Medium or normal size is ideal both for learners and halfway riders

60mm+: Made for the expert riders and particularly for longboards, these wheels can move on any landscape and are made for speed and to easily keep running over harsh territories

Contingent upon your ability level, pick the size astutely. On the off chance that you are an entire tenderfoot who is simply beginning, I would suggest the littler things (50-53mm).


durometerDiameter is the span of the wheel; DUROMETER is the measure of hardness. Like distance across, the higher the quantity of durometers, the harder your wheel will be.

The standard durometer considered best is 99a. This is estimated on Durometer A Scale (a 100-point scale).

Notwithstanding, a few producers utilize a B Scale, estimating 20 focuses lower and permitting the scale an additional 20 focuses for harder wheels.

For a case, consider a 80b durometer wheel. It has an indistinguishable hardness from a 100a.

These wheels are generally wide and with more exact hardness extend.

Anyway, the inquiry here is, "Do hard wheels ride quick?"

The appropriate response is YES.

Despite the fact that gentler wheels are slower, they offer more hold.

On the off chance that you adore road skating, go for gentler ones. They are awesome to ride on smooth surfaces like skate parks.

A few brands have wheels intended for particular utilize.

To make it unmistakable to you, here is a brisk correlation of the durometer scale and how they will influence your execution while cruising.

78a-87a: These are the delicate wheels, useful for harsh surfaces, longboards and road sheets. These will offer smooth ride

88a-95a: Slightly harder however speedier in the meantime. They may have somewhat less hold, yet generally speaking, they are ideal for road, unpleasant landscape and slope skating

96a-99a: Hard wheels with a decent speed and hold. These are ideal for fledglings, skate parks, slopes, pools, and so forth.

101a+: These are the hardest and the quickest ones however with the slightest grasp. Made for expert riders as it were

83b-84b: Extremely hard wheel. Significantly speedier and with exceptionally insignificant grasp

Contact Patch

contact fix

Contact Patch is another basic element of your skateboard wheel as it influences your execution.

It is the territory of the wheel which reaches the asphalt.

Those of you with a longboard wheel, which are vast, will likewise have an extensive contact fix.

On the off chance that the contact fix is little, the body weight will be conveyed over a little region and the other way around.

A little contact fix will expand the pressure of urethane in your haggles diminish its moving obstruction, back off the wheel.

Be that as it may, the state of the wheel additionally influences the measure of the contact fix.

Adjusted ones tend to reach the asphalt, though square wheels reach. This will influence its execution by and large.

Which Shape To Choose?


To get the best cruising wheels, shape is another vital factor. Since we've made considerable progress and have learnt how to tweak our wheel in light of our riding background, the main thing left is to pick the shape.

Sharp-lip Shape

In the event that you are somebody who cherishes cruising, cutting and slalom, sharp lip shape is the ideal for you. They offer more hold, particularly amid hard turns.

Round-lip Shape

Riders who love to perform surf slides and cuts or any individual who is learning powerslide, wheels with the round-lip profile will offer you the best wrap up.

Presently you know how to pick the correct wheels for your skateboard.


In this way, as I generally wind up my dialog saying that I've assumed my part to prescribe you the best skateboard wheels accessible available.

We've sincerely invested hours in the exploration so our perusers can get hands on the best ones out there and don't put resources into any sham item.

The ball is in your court to pick one from the rundown.

On the off chance that you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to ask them in the remark area. I'll gladly enable you to out.

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