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Mobile Security Review: Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster review

Mobile Security Master: AppLock, Antivirus, VPN, Booster is Cheetah Mobile's one-stop security, support and streamlining application for Android.

The antivirus module completes a strangely great job of filtering your gadget for noxious applications. No compelling reason to trust us; the January 2018 AV-Test report discovered Security Master blocked 100% of test dangers .

A custom program pieces promotions while antiphishing insurance averts you getting to malignant URLs, keeping numerous web dangers under control.

You can download Security Master here

A straightforward VPN encodes your system action, gives you another virtual area and maybe getting to blocked sites. It depends on Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy so there's not much power or configurability in the engine, but rather the administration is as yet an appreciated incorporation in the bundle.

The AppLock include empowers ensuring any or the majority of your applications with an example, a PIN or (on a few gadgets) a unique mark, keeping snoopers immovably bolted out. On the off chance that somebody tries to get in at any rate yet fizzles, you can have Security Master take a photograph of the interloper and email it to you.

Sponsor modules claim to enhance your gadget by erasing garbage documents, gathering up futile warnings, keeping your CPU cool and expanding your battery life.

Figuring out how to work the greater part of this could have been troublesome, yet luckily it isn't vital: you can have Security Master check your framework to make its primary proposals, at that point apply them all in two or three taps.

Security Master's center highlights (pretty much everything except for the VPN) are accessible in an advertisement supported free form.

The Standard variant drops the promotions, empowers mechanized gadget boosting for better execution and gives a day by day 200MB VPN information recompense for £2.49 which is approximately $3.49 a month, or an equal £0.83 a month in the event that you pay for a year in advance.

The Premium release bolsters boundless VPN use for an expensive £10.99 which is about $15.39 a month, dropping to £2.87 which is about $4.02 for the main year on the yearly arrangement.


Security Master is easy to set up, with no enrollment or different issues included - we simply tapped Install from the Google Play store and the application was prepared to go inside a couple of moments.

The application interface can appear to be muddled, as there's a considerable measure going on. A Scan catch empowers checking everything; there are separate symbols to run the AppLock, Antivirus, CPU Cooler, Clean Junk, Notification Cleaner and Phone Boost highlights, and beneath that is a blend of status data (the wifi, battery life, the wifi organize you're as of now getting to) and alternate routes to yet more application modules (Message Security, Game Boost,  SafeConnect VPN, Safe Browsing).

The Scan work checks your gadget for pernicious applications, malware, ineffectively designed settings and that's just the beginning. The announcing isn't generally clear - the application disclosed to us it had discovered an infection, however not what or where that was - but rather it's certainly simple to utilize.

The AppLock module showed our introduced applications and made smart proposals about the applications to ensure (Messenger, Photos, Chrome.) We acknowledged its recommendation and were provoked to pick a PIN that would open each of the three applications (you can't have a for every application open strategy).

After the underlying setup Security Master showed our bolted applications, made further recommendations about others, and empowered bolting or opening any application with a tap.

We discovered Security Master effectively ventured in to confine access to our chose applications, permitting us in when we entered our PIN. This ought to be sufficiently simple to recollect as there's just a single, yet Security Master additionally enables clients to determine a security question (what's your most loved film, mother's name, father's name, where did you go to class, et cetera) which empowers resetting the PIN later on the off chance that you overlook it.

The Junk File instrument discovered 438MB of extra information which could be securely erased. That wasn't awful for a moderately clean gadget, yet when we ran CCleaner for an examination it discovered 702MB of garbage.

A CPU Cooler alternative shows your gadget temperature and records any applications utilizing CPU assets. There's likewise a Fix catch, despite the fact that that doesn't appear to do something besides close the culpable applications.

The Battery Saver has a correspondingly essential approach, examining power utilize and suggesting that you rest the most eager for power applications. It doesn't have all the earmarks of being altogether different to the bunch of comparative applications, yet should even now help to enhance your battery life.

The Notification Cleaner says it will expel junk notices, yet there's no data on how it chooses what to evacuate, and no influence over what happens (you can't state 'expel this yet keep'.)

The Phone Booster likewise offers no genuine control or criticism. We ran it, were told our memory was 77% utilized previously, 64% subsequently, and that was it. There was no sign of which application was devouring most random access memory or what had been changed to diminish its prerequisites.


A subsequent screen offered some helpful additional items, including an execution test which gave an account of our association's transfer and download speed. These were convenient, yet hard to get to. When we tapped Phone Booster later, it didn't show the extra apparatuses, rather basically demonstrating to us an advertisement and returning us to the principle screen.

A Game Booster may likewise attempt to free up random access memory, in spite of the fact that there's no reasonable clarification of what it's doing. Its fundamental advantage is that you're ready to set up an easy route to naturally run the Booster when the diversion is propelled.

The SafeConnect VPN associated us rapidly to a nearby UK server. Paces were extremely conflicting, however, in some cases going from 500Kbps to 17Mbps amid a similar test. The 200MB every day remittance is likewise excessively constrained, making it impossible to be of much utilize, and moving up to the Premium release to get boundless VPN is excessively costly. You can get boundless VPN somewhere else for nothing, or buying in to a pro VPN supplier would show signs of improvement nature of administration which you could use on more gadgets.

At last, a Safe Browsing highlight consolidates a portion of alternate instruments to bolt your program screen, scramble your web association by means of a VPN and clear your perusing history after a session. We speculate Chrome's in secret mode would convey the center security you require and be substantially easier to utilize, however the element may at present be helpful to a few.

The free form of Security Master accompanies a lot of advertisements, in a wide range of sorts: inserted pictures, full screen, various styles of close catch, at times with a clock. They're irritating, however no more so than with the normal advertisement supported application.

One issue we noticed was a progression of promotions unmistakably intended to swindle you. These seemed to be like the web popups you'll some of the time get on questionable destinations, where a window seems letting you know 'You're contaminated by an infection, click Install to settle it!' You can (and should) disregard them, yet at a snappy look it's not generally evident that they're promotions, and it's anything but difficult to envision how somebody may frenzy and snap Install without considering.

These promotions aren't controlled by Cheetah Mobile, and introducing the publicized applications presumably won't hurt your gadget, at any rate, yet this still must be a worry. Security Master should help ensure your framework, not give another approach to deceptive engineers to deceive you into introducing their items.

Security Master application


Numerous Android security applications make enormous claims about their malware-examining capacities, yet with no supporting proof. Security Master is extraordinary, luckily - it's been around for quite a while and has been tried by the principle free testing labs.

AV-Test's January 2018 Android report discovered Security Master blocked 100% of its test tests (that is more than 2,700). The application dealt with a similar ideal rating in the past two tests (September and November 2017).

AV-Test was less persuaded by the scope of highlights accessible, however. The application was discounted for its absence of message and email sifting, parental controls or reinforcement capacities.

AV Comparatives' January 2018 Android report gave test comes about for in excess of 200 Android security applications. With the default settings Security Master dealt with a marginally beneath normal 96.4% assurance score, yet the report noticed that if clients turn on the Anti-heuristic location motor (impaired as a matter of course in the English/International adaptation) at that point it would square 100% of dangers.

These tests didn't evaluate Security Master's URL blocking highlight, so we ran some little scale checks of our own. It guarded us from 70% of recently detailed noxious connections in our test, a better than expected outcome.

Factor in Security Master's gadget assurance instruments - specifically, AppLock - and the application for the most part completes a great job of keeping your gadget (and information) safe from hurt.

Last decision

Security Master is a massive suite with some exceptionally normal apparatuses, however the antivirus is exact and the application locker is additionally worth having. Try it out, yet keep an eye out for misleading promotions.

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